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it's a beautiful morning

went out last night with blackhawk, bethany, and silli for drinks at the usual place, then wound up at tonic beta-testing cory's new video game, "i shot andy warhol," which is a hacked version of hogan's alley featuring the abovementioned artist, flava-flave, the pope, and colonel sanders. it rocked, mostly. met cory's sister jaime (or jamie, i'm not sure) who is going to be the electronic equivalent to britney, or so we we saying, and listened to a *cassette jockey* (a DJ who plays cassettes and messes with them the same way most do with vinyl) mix it up with the sanford&son theme, inspector gadget, and others. cory in emceeing the first ever cassette-jockey world championship in chicago next week, so we spent a bunch of time trying to convince this kid to fly out because he was really good. maybe even the first world champion. who knows?! anyway, we really dug his stuff.

got home, had excellent green beans fo' dinner at 1am. yum. we had chicken too but it wasn't as good as the green beans. my huge box of books was waiting for me. i wrote for a bit, introduced the first major plot point. i think i figured something else out about this story, something a bit contradictory to what i first believed about it.

i had interesting dreams, one of which involved draco malfoy on an indiana jones-themed log flume. i hardly ever dream pre-created characters.

the other one involved some man talking to a young woman about her predecessor in some program/school thing, like some kind of advisory program. what he said that was kinda funny was, "her schedule went something like this: take off clothes, read, sew, take off clothes, read sew, take off shirt, read, sew..." apparently this chick they were talking about got around a bit. and read and sewed a lot.

okay, now work
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