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cap, captain miss america
1) guingel posted a really lovely rant on the supposed death of "masculinity" that you all should read. I liked it, anyway.

2) karnythia posted about LABIAL PAINTS. I notice they use the same font as I used for my Puck icon. Also, I will use this product when it comes out in glow-in-the-dark. Or blacklite.

3) My pens keep exploding tonight while I am inking! It has happened twice. Very annoying.

4) therealljidol is an open topic this week. Usually I use the LJ Idol topic to brainstorm more ideas than just the entry I write that week. SO. I need brainstormin' topics! They may or may not be used. This is mostly just to get some stuff in my brainstormin' book. Is there anything you have really, really wanted to see me make a comic of, but were afraid to ask? Now is the time!

5) You are all my favorites!

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Well, you could write about labial paints.

Or, better yet, vaginal mints (go google that if you don't know).

Vaginal mints are so five seconds ago! Now everyone is painting their labia!

True. I need to figure out my perfect shade.

I would go for the day-glo orange personally.

I'd like to hear about something farm-y. An agrarian story or family tale about an animal or place on the farm.

Er, that was me btw. I didn't realize I was logged in as Nikki.

Hahahaha oops!

It is okay, I love you both! Did you see the one about my great-grandfather's rooster?

I did! I loved it! I think that's what made me think of it, and thought if you had another story like that you could write out in more detail.


Or, failing that, how about another story like the one you did with the storyline about the lady going to her death-- I think it was the sunrise topic? Or, maybe just in that style, even though I'm sure that one's really hard.

Edited at 2010-01-12 05:18 am (UTC)

I can do something else in that style!

Oh, and everyone loves the chickens. I just don't want to overexpose anyone.

Edited at 2010-01-12 05:22 am (UTC)

Just as I suggested it, I remembered the comic you did about the rooster, and figured it'd be good to diversify my thought.

I like the style the best, though. Another one in that style would be awesome.

I am also stealing your brainstorm idea--mostly because I want different songs to work with.

I answered your brainstorm post!

Tea! Don't you get it? The topic is... OPEN

That's what I'm gonna use anyway.

That was actually one of the first things I thought of when I saw it, but then I decided not to do it because I'm worried that everyone who can't think of their own topic will!

Not that I mean to discourage you, but that was my thought process.

I initially read #2 as labial pants and #3 as your penis kept exploding. Glad it's just your pens.

As to #1, it's interesting. I'm looking forward to integrating some hunter-gatherer into my lifestyle. Seems to me those whiners about the loss thereof can either move somewhere it's a necessity or appreciate grocery store spontaneity. Last week a co-worker was saying he raised his daughter like a boy, meaning she learned how to shoot, change tires, etc. I think Simone de Beauvoir still has the most accurate observation - there are two kinds of people in the world: women and human beings. Seems like women are still taught to be dependent (just find a good man to take care of you!) whereas human beings are taught independence (or "raised as men")

Well, my penis keeps exploding, too!

I think you raise an interesting point-- if the issue is that these people are describing "independence" as "masculinity," then what you really have is two problems-- because I do think raising children not to be independent and able to survive on their own is not on a problem, but something I see a lot. But it should be gender-irrelevant, so the other problem is that concept that people see teaching a girl to be independent to be "raising her like a boy" as opposed to "raising her to be independent and capable of handling herself in an emergency." If what these people are lamenting when they say they miss masculinity is a lack of practical skills training, that's definitely something to lament, it's just the fact that that is tied to masculinity in their heads that's a problem. And that it's getting confused with lamenting that there are more female characters in TV shows.

I totally read labial paints as labial pants, and I was really confused as to why there were not photos of tiny pairs of pants for my labia!

This is apparently a common misread! I think labial pants are clearly on the mind of the fashion-conscious!

I, WHAT. No, no one is painting my lady bits. Christ, I'm self-conscious enough as it is w/o worrying about the color of my labia.

Also, I totally just almost commented as Sean, which would have been... ironic? Is that ironic? Since he commented as me? Man, we need to get his computer fixed. There have been a lot of mis-postings lately.

AMUSING! The word for that is AMUSING!

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