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Comic: Boilin' Eggs
cap, captain miss america

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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To keep the yolks from going green, my dad puts finished eggs in an ice bath. But he boils them longer.

That is probably why the ice bath-- the longer you boil them, the more likely they are to go green,so cooling them down fast would help.

I've never thought of using vinegar in hard boiled! I've only used it when poaching. I suppose it's the same idea, really, since acidic water does prevent poached eggs from running all over creation.

I also have a Masha... well, had because I threw him out when I found him, still intact (though petrified) when I was cleaning out my grandmother's house a few years ago.

It is the same idea! And hooray for petrified egg babies. Clearly we deserved As in that class.

I never learned how to boil eggs! I was taught that you drop them in and boil them for an indeterminate amount of time.

MMM sulfur!!

Hey, that's exactly how I boil my eggs! And they always come out perfect. Yum. (I usually eat between 6-10 hard-boiled eggs a week...)

I love this post! I have been obsessed with hard-boiled eggs as of late, and now I know how to make them just right!

I made hard boiled eggs today following these instructions, and they were delicious. So thank you!

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