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Doodles for Haiti
cap, captain miss america

Okay, so I’ve decided that for the rest of the week, instead of working on my daily comics, I will draw doodles for anyone who donates $10 or more to the charity of their choice helping with relief efforts in Haiti.

Here’s how it works:

You can either use this donation button that goes to my Paypal account, and I will make a lump donation to the Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund:

OR you can make your own donation to the earthquake relief fund of your choice and then PM or email me a copy of your receipt or confirmation record for your donation (either a forwarded email or a screengrab is fine).

If you give more than $10 to an earthquake relief fund, I will draw you one (1) character or anthropomorphic inanimate object of your choice, in my typical daily comic style, in black and white.

I encourage other artists to do the same. If you're not an artist and don't have something you can do, pass on the link!

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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I think this is a good idea. <3

What would you like me to draw for you?

Don't you already have six of those?

I have zombie ponies which are not the same at all.

But if the repetition hurts your artistic integrity you can draw zombie me instead.

No, it is okay. My integrity is willing to suffer to help earthquake victims.

I wish I had money or better art skills. :(

You are an amazing artist, Jessi! Also, there will be an auction at help_haiti. You can donate more jewelry!

My artwork only turns out about 30% of the time, but thank you. I will donate more jewelry. I just need some more spacer beads, which I can get tomorrow when I go to Monroe for my doctor's appointment.

Thank you, Tea!

Everyone's artwork only turns out about 30% of the time! The secret is that people don't show people the other 70%!

Awh, Tea, you are such a good person. I don't have paypel but I'll see what I can do! ♥

You can donate without paypal through most charities! CNN has a list here of some you might like to give to: http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/2007/impact/

Hey, Tea,

Ok, I donated through your paypal (kept the amt down as I am hitting up multiple non-redcross agencies with donations today).

I would love something bunny-related in your amazing comic styling. Something that would turn into a customized icon/avatar would be amazing.

Thanks for doing this!

Got it! One icon-sized bunny it is!

Hi! I just donated $50 to Yele. I will try to figure out how to send you the confirmation page. :)

Um. I do not know what drawing I want. Maybe Vaclav Havel.

Hey Tea, I think this is a really kind idea of you. I donated £10 to the Oxfam's Haiti Earthquake Appeal, so will forward you the confirmation email in a sec. Please can I have a pic which I can use as an avatar of me being nurse-y? It'd be fun to have an icon I can use on the student nurse forums etc. :)
Zoe :)

Done and done. Fabulous idea!

I emailed you but what would you like me to draw for you?!

Hey -- I don't know if I'm too late to get a drawing...but if I'm not, could I get a drawing with a Chick (since that's my last name)...maybe a musical chick? :D

I'm emailing you now...

PS: you are awesome!

Not too late! I still have one more to do so I can do yours too!

PS You are awesome!

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