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Comic: Apples to Apples
cap, captain miss america

Also, check out This Here Post if you have given or are thinking about giving money to eartquake relief for Haiti.

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.


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You left out the part where "Beer" and "Chicken" always win if your mommy is the judge.

Oooh, that could be another comic!

Also, my second comic appearance reminded me:

When I showed my work buddy/supervisor the one about being locked in an attic, she made me print it out so she could take it home to color.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I am sure that means something but I do not know what.

Richard Nixon, that is NOT funny. I love comics where your dad is the co-star.

That is because my daddy is the best.

I heart you too! Sorry I am late replying, my internet went out Wednesday!

the best one that was ever played for me was:
I put down comical for the green card.
Someone put down Hiroshima--1945.

I also enjoy the card: The Common Loon.

My proudest moment was when someone put down a green card that had something to do with marijuana and I put down "shake & bake."

Ahahahaha, that's awesome. Is your Apples to Apples deck full of cards that say "My Daddy"? ;)

I've discovered that Apples to Apples can act as a "sense of humor indicator" - you really learn who finds the same things hilarious as you do!

No, I just pretend I am playing "My Daddy" every time!

And it totally does. That is how Destiny and I both play-- we try to pick the cards that we think the person playing the green card will think are funniest.

Charging Rhinos is one of my favorite cards.

That is how James and the Giant Peach's parents died, you know!

Yay! I love Apples to Apples! Have you ever played the "crab apple" way? It's where you pick cards you think are the opposite!

No, I have never heard of playing that way but I was actually thinking about it while I made this comic! Wow!

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