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Comic: My Kitty
cap, captain miss america

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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Hehehehe, awww gotta love cats and their quirky ways, and that is an amazing name for a cat by the way! Is this your real cat? Bless. Cute! Heheheh.

That is my real cat! My mom's cat is Clarisse, after Clarisse McClellan, because she likes to hide in the books.

Oh, I've known plenty of biting and scratching cats. Some would chomp down hard, too. Why do we still love them?

It's all the more odd because he tricks you by seeming very sweet and friendly and acting like he wants to make friends.

My uncle's cat doesn't play any of those games. Her name is Kramer, and she does not like to be touched. She'll lie on the couch right next to my aunt and if anyone reaches out a hand to pet her, she scratches them. When my two-year-old cousin is asked what sound a kitty cat makes, he responds by hissing. My aunt and uncle have each had cat scratch fever once from her.

My cat, Jimmy, is much sweeter. He's also a strange cat, though, in that he's afraid of everything. Visitors and the television guarantee he'll hide away. But if it's just Mum and me, he is the sweetest thing in the world! Rolling around, purring, doing that slow blink thing...

He is trying to make friends! He just thinks that friends like to bite each other!

Poor misguided boy. Poor confused humans. Does he bite hard?

Sometimes. Mostly you're just surprised, because you're just petting him and then he bites you. I like Clarice, because she cuddles.

Harker cuddles too! It's just his cuddles are pointy and end with bloodshed.

It is very cuddly bloodshed though.

And she doesn't bite! And she walks on your head in the middle of the night.

It depends. Sometimes it is hard and sometimes not. He has drawn blood a few times from me!

He's a sweetheart but oh my yes he does like to bite. :)

My cat sometimes bites me in the morning when I sleep in. It's like she's saying "I'm glad to see you, but don't let this happen again."

My aunts' cat is a biter. But a weird biter--it feels and marks like a scratch. I guess she drags her teeth?

Nice name for a biter!

He is a good iter! And yeah, that's sort of what Harker does.

yay! some cats bite when they're playing, and the humans don't understand... my mom's cat will play for a few minutes then bite. you gotta watch out...

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