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LJ Idol Week 10: Open Topic

The Last Letters of Miss Amelia Whitman

Dear Sister,
I am writing to tell you that Miss Delores P—’s Agency has worked its wonders at last! Miss P— herself contacted me yesternight with news of a particularly enticing engagement, and I am so excited that I must confess I am shaking a little in my boots!

To-morrow morning, I am to report to 312 S— Street, to begin my position as a governess to the two young sons of Mr. Arthur H—. Do you know S— Street? It is that row of lovely townhouses that have those fabulous lawns just like country homes! Mr. H—, I hear, is a widower and very wealthy as well. The position is a temporary one but I have been engaged through the Spring and hope that if I position myself well in the household, that I might be kept on.

Oh, Sister Mine, but the children were not excitable as Mr. H— implied, not at all. I must confess that I now understand the love of a governess for her charges, for I have fallen in love instantly with his two boys. I know I should not have favorites among them, but James is the quieter of the two and with such curls he reminds me of those paintings of cherubs we saw when Aunt Maudie took us with her to Italy three summers ago. They are both darling things, and I weep for them that they have no mother!

After meeting them I could not bear to tell Mr. — off for his comment about the Irish and risk losing my position, in spite of the fact that I had promised myself I would do so! To think that he would say something like that to a young lady without first knowing her background; I was quite peeved, to tell you the truth and it was all I could do right there not to tell him that our dear grandfather on Mummy’s side was Irish as well and that not all Irish have hair the color of carrot soup like poor Molly!

Dear Sister,
There are two rather strange things about my new position. I have never been one to question the idiosyncrasies of my betters, but I would have you know that Mr. H— does not have me see the boys until their suppertime, and we have lessons in the twilight of the evening. But I daresay he must spend most of the day with the children, which is very sweet, to see a man dote on his sons that way. I do feel for all of them with the loss of the children’s mother, which I hear was due to that nasty round of Influenza two winters ago. Do you remember; that is when Mr. S— was out of work for all those months and the M— family lost their little Tommy.

Molly does not seem to like me much, and she regards me with the most suspicious glances! I get the feeling from her that she suspects I am Mr. H—‘s mistress, which could not be father from the truth. Still, she treats me with a great deal of caution the likes of which I do not think I deserve. I wonder if the trouble is that she is perhaps in love with Mr. H—. The poor thing! I would be loath to think it for he regards her as below human and only good for opening his door and doing his laundry. She would do better to leave his employ if her hope is to find a rich husband!

I have decided that as a treat for being such good pupils this past fortnight, I will wake the boys up early on Saturday to take them on an excursion! What fun we will have!

Dear Sister,
I have a terrible—

Transcript of Image 1
(Note: All the comics are drawn in dark colors, fully colored, with brown outlines and a sort of chalky texture, on a background the color of aged paper)

Panel 1: A hand reaches for a doorbell
Sound Effect: DONG
Panel 2: A very prim looking young lady in Victorian dress is smiling expectantly.
Panel 3: A woman in a Victorian maid's uniform is at the door. She has frizzy red hair and is smiling.
Maid: May I help you?
Panel 4: The woman in the purple dress, Amelia, answers.
Amelia: My name is Amelia. I came from the Agency. About the governess position.
Panel 5: The maid looks confused.
Maid: Governess? But the children are...
Panel 6: A man interrupts. We only see him from behind.
Man: It's all right, Molly. I called her. Could you please show her in?
Panel 7: The man leads Amelia up the stairs. It is very dark in the house.
Man: I must ask you to pardon Molly. She is a hard worker, but you know these Irish...
Panel 8: Amelia looks slightly taken aback.
Amelia: Of course, Sir.
Panel 9: The man is standing with his back to us again.
Man: The boys tend to be especially excitable this time of evening.
Panel 10: Two cherubic-looking little boys
Voicover: This is Henry.
Henry: Hullo, Miss!
Voiceover: And this is James
James: Hullo!

Transcript of Image 2

Panel 1: Amelia is standing outside a door, knocking.
Amelia: Boys! Boys, it is time to get up!
Panel 2: The boys' room is empty and their beds are made.
Voiceover: ...Boys?
Panel 3: Amelia looks curious.
Amelia: Molly, do you know where the boys are?
Panel 4: Molly looks confused.
Molly: Boys, Miss? What boys?
Panel 5: Now Amelia looks confused, too.
Amelia: The boys? The children? Henry and James?
Panel 6: Molly looks worried.
Molly: But Miss, it's like I was saying...the children died. It's been two years.

This entry was written for therealljidol Week 10: Open Topic
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