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(no subject)
cap, captain miss america
I am running out now but PEOPLE.

There are still no bids on my Hat in help_haiti. This is ridiculous! My hats are awesome and the last time I did one of these it went up to nearly $30.

I know most of the people on my flist already HAVE a hat from me, but link it around, will you?


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I really, really want a hat (especially with ears!)... and I wanted to bid, but I'm not in a good position to do so at the moment. :/ I definitely think your hats are awesome, though, and hope you get some bites soon. I will pass it around later today (I am still struggling with my LJI entry)...

I don't have a hat from you, and they look snuggly, so I'm in!

Yay! Also, I will totally give you ears if you want them :-P

(Deleted comment)
Well, I have a half-finished hat for you anyway! <3

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