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Fail! And Art for Haiti!
cap, captain miss america

So, I don’t have a scanner that works right now, and that means I take my art to work to scan it.

Which is awesome and all, except for WHEN I FORGET TO BRING MY SKETCHBOOK TO WORK. And this is why there was no art yesterday!

But today, there IS art! Last week, I told everyone that I would draw a small picture for anyone who donated $10 or more to a reputable organization helping with relief in Haiti and sent me their receipt. I am most of the way through the pictures now and I am happy to say that people who donated through me donated a total of ninety dollars which was sent off to Yele Haiti last week! Some of you made your own donations and sent me the forms and that was a lot more money!

Here is the first batch of artwork!

First, Jess asked for a Zombie Unicorn:

Zombie Unicorn

Zombie Unicorn

Second, Bunnybutt (I do not know your real name!) asked me for something bunny-related:



Third, Destiny asked for Vaclav Havel:

Vaclav Loves You!

Vaclav Loves You!

Fourth, Zoe asked for herself in nursing gear! I did a little retro thing because retro nurse uniforms are cute!

Nurse Zoe

Nurse Zoe

Fifth, Sally-Anne asked for herself traveling!



That is all for now! More coming tomorrow; I hope you enjoy them!

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Ooooh! I love it! Thankyou so much! I wish my actual nursing uniform was that cool, that'd make placement time so much more fun. Yay! :) :)

Ahaha aww! I have a couple retro nursing uniforms that I got from a lady on the block where I grew up who died. They are AWESOME.

My Havel is adorable! I love him. I think I'll put him on my user info even. :D

Hooray! I am glad he is cute enough that you approve!

Aww, shucks! Now the two people I know most qualified to judge Havels have given their approval!

This is just so adorable I might melt on sheer principle...Especially the bunnies.

yay! moar yay!!!

good job, yay.

Yours isn't drawn yet! But yay more!


LOL! Did you doubt my request? <3!!!


Well, get used to it because it's my default icon now!

If you want to mark it for attribution, please do so and I'll replace the icon with the signed one.

Nah, I don't need anything on the icon! If you can put my username in the about thingy that would be awesome! <3 <3

I really do like my bunnies.

I'd already marked it "by tea berry-blue for haiti relief" but I can change the name to zia narratora if you'd prefer.

That is a fine example of a zombie unicorn there.

That is your brain in its mouth. I sawed your skull open to get a good look and I assure you it is very accurate.

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