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LJ Idol Week 11: Run, Don't Walk
cap, captain miss america


Page 1
Page 1 is laid out like an old-fashioned poster, with a lot of different decorative fonts. It says:

Performing nightly at seven o'clock

Page 2
The comic starts here. Each page is laid out identically, with four panels that each take up one quarter of the page space. The art is simple line drawings colored with very bright, flat colors.

Panel 1: There i a little girl in a yellow rain slicker walking by a circus tent. A poster for the Circus Andromeda is on the grass.
There is a sound: AHHHHHHHHH which grows in size and leads into the next panel.

Panel 2: The little girl puts up her hand-- which is bright orange and looks either like a lobster claw or a very odd mitten. There is a basket with a blue blanket and something turquoise pointing out of it. The noise is coming from the basket.

Panel 3: The little girl picks up the basket and pushes away the blanket: there is a baby inside!

Panel 4: The little girl is now changed into a pale pink dress, and her back is to us as she holds the baby and knocks on a wooden door decorated with a gold star. Her hand is more evidently a lobster claw at this point. The door says "HUMPHREY BABCOCK" in decorative lettering.

Page 3

Panel 5: A young woman holds a stack of bills in her hand.
Woman: I've got three hundred dollars here. I've only got six more months to go.

Panel 6: A man with a ruddy face, gaudily dressed in a purple and orange suit, with a purple and orange bowler, and messy stubble. He's holding his hand up, looking confused.
Man: Six months...plus interest, of course, Miss Cazares.

Panel 7: Miss Cazares puts her hands on her hips, looking annoyed.
Miss Cazares: Interest? You have the GALL to make me run your scams, and now you want INTEREST?

Panel 8: Miss Cazares holds her hand out.
Miss Cazares: You're making far more money off me than you pay me. If you only took on a clairvoyant so you could hoodwink your audience...

Page 4

Panel 9: The man in the suit opens the door, from which we can presume that he's Mr. Babcock. The little girl, holding a blanketed bundle, is in the doorway.
Mr. Babcock: Langoustine? What do you have there?

Panel 10: Langoustine holds up the baby (awkwardly, due to her lobster claws)-- who has a normal human top half...and a bright turquoise fish tail for its bottom half!
Langoustine: Baby.

Panel 11: Mr. Babcock looks perplexed. Langoustine is still holding up the baby.
Mr. Babcock: Where in tarnation did you get that?
Langoustine: Basket.

Panel 12: Mr. Babcock crosses his arms, while Miss Cazares looks on.
Mr. Babcock: Well, we can't KEEP it.
Miss Cazares: Why not?

Page 5

Panel 13: Mr. Babcock holds his hands up.
Mr. Babcock: Just LOOK at it!

Panel 14: Langoustine holds the baby to herself, protectively, and looks annoyed.
Langoustine: Mister Babcock, it's a LITTLE BABY!

Panel 15: Mr. Babcock puts his hands on his hips.
Mr. Babcock: Precisely! He can't make a wage for at least seven years. Who's going to pay his way till then? I'm not! Better to--

Panel 16: Miss Cazares crosses her arms, putting her hand out in a "cut it out" gesture.
Miss Cazares: I will.

Page 6

Panel 17: Mister Babcock crosses his arms, and looks extremely satisfied by this pronouncement.
Mister Babcock: For SEVEN years?

Panel 18: Miss Cazares' expression changes to one of thinly concealed anger. Her hands drop to her sides. She says nothing.

Panel 19: Closeup of Miss Cazares' face: she is looking down, obviously distressed.

Panel 20: Another closeup of Miss Cazares' face: she looks defeated.
Miss Cazares: Yes.


This entry was written for therealljidol Week 11: Run, Don't Walk

Ah, that is wonderful. I am glad lobster girl is careful with her claws and doesn't hurt the mere-baby.

Langoustine feels bad when she pinches people on accident!

And thanks! I notice our themes are almost exactly the same again this week! Except for not!

(Deleted comment)
Hahaha, thanks! I was having trouble with a name for her and at one point I had it down as "Angeline" and then I was like...OH. DUH.

I love her name! (Langostine)
Poor Miss Cazares...Funny how her name in Spanish is associated with the word, "cazar", to hunt....and now she is trapped.

I tried to be tricky with the names and I am glad people noticed! She's a clairvoyant so she's hunting around in the unknown!

Babcock basically means "peacocky barbarian." Humphrey I just picked because it sounded good, but the name doesn't work.

I really enjoyed that'n. The dialog is tight and the story itself is one of those wonderful "no choice at all" setups. Wonderful!

Thank you! I could keep working on the art for this, and I probably will, to make it a nice finished piece, but I sort of finished as much as I could to make the deadline and have the whole thing evenly done.

Not only does she not think she has a choice-- but she's a clairvoyant. So she knows what's going to happen!

Is it wrong that I want a continuation? Also, I do love Langoustine... and that not everybody in your comics is pure caucasian white.

I...kinda want a continuation of this one, too. Actually, I want to write the setup for it, scenes from the circus, more character dynamics...that kind of stuff.

You're really extending yourself, aren't you? How cool is that! I felt like this was the start of something, too. It looks like a lot of other people want to see where this goes as well.

Thanks! I'm planning to work on this a bit more- right now, it's just really simple uncorrected lineart with flat colors thrown in, but I'm planning on taking another look at it and reworking the lines, especially where some of the anatomy is off, and then figuring out a better way to color it. And I'm not jazzed about the lettering-- I usually do hand lettering, but I was messy with this, so I will either go back and re-hand-letter, or find a better font.

I have a comic about a little girl finding a baby mermaid too! Except it's way different.

I want to see this circus!

I don't know if I saw yours! We could package them together and sell a Baby Mermaid Collection.

And I kinda want to see them too!

God I love these so much. I really really do.

(Deleted comment)
I would rather not continue any given piece for Idol, but I may do it outside of Idol.

Oh, and thank you! I am a bad receiver of compliments!

Edited at 2010-01-22 08:01 pm (UTC)

The first panel wiht Langoustine has all my favorite colors in it. Also, the I totally love the flyer for the circus, it reminds me of a Shel Silverstein poem.

I actually wrote the Circus Andromeda song but I didn't have time to record it with music and stuff.

Miss Cazares is very noble. You are so creative!:)

Thanks! I am also not sure how noble she is so much as psychic! I have to investigate further!

I am amazed by your ability to do something different each week.

Thanks so much! I am sort of closing in on the limits of my talents though! There are only a few styles of cartooning that I feel I can solidly tell a story in.