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la la la, i'm at work. i'm going to a movie premiere tonight for a movie called "world traveller" which i know nothing about. it's got billy crudup and julianne moore. it should be fun, though, the party is at the chelsea hotel.

i wrote a lot this weekend; i now have 80 pp of my book. i still feel like it drags, but i figured i should just get everything in there that i want and then pare it down later if need be. if it shows promise someone will pick itup and *tell* me what to pare down.

if i ever have free time again, i'm thinking it would be fun to make a personality quiz that rates the taker as one of my characters. after all, they each have an elemental and a talent, and a certain set of looks and such. though in some cases the looks don't go just right with the elemental or the nation they're from. like caffrey is pale with reddish hair and green eyes, but the other people in his locale are olive-skinned with dark hair (some have light eyes, some have dark).

i'm glad to see other people interacting in the RPG. yee!

i had a dream about a very cold place, and then about making a movie where three kids get shot (as part of the movie, they didn't really get shot) and then a boat ride with very shiny industrial metal thingies in the water.
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