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Comic: Terra Cotta Warriors
cap, captain miss america

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

The weekend before last, I went to Washington, DC, and among other things, saw the Terra Cotta Warriors at the National Geographic museum with sunnyrea and kutiechick.

Also, here is a photo of us with my new boyfriend:

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You look so happy with Mr. Terra Cotta Man!

He doesn't have much of a sense of humor, but he is very consistent and useful as a coatrack.

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No way! sunnyrea also went to Hood, and I know two other people in their class-- one whom I met them through, another through a roleplaying game-- were you the same year?

I'd hit it, too, if not for the bruised knuckles.

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Wow, you got to TOUCH one? That's pretty amazing. I love those statues. Though an act of ego, it's an amazing collection.

No, my boyfriend is sadly a reproduction they have just for visitors to pose with. He's not even the real thing.

It was an awesome visit. And learning about Qin Shi Huang was kind of amazing. The guy needed to make friends with King Ludwig of Bavaria and then the world would have been complete.

I love this. May I add you as a friend? I just read your Jonathan Harkness cat comic, too. I want to see your comics whenever you put them online!

Of course you may! I've been meaning to friend you as well!

They let you TOUCH THE WARRIORS?!?!?

Well, the next photo was of us getting escorted out by security.

Not really. It was a reproduction they had just for people to take photos with.

Not the dreaded Terra Cotta Red shirts...you just know they aren't coming back from the away teams mission.

I hear there are a great number of them tiling the rooftops in Italy.

He's hot, does he have a brother? ;)

Like seven thousand of them! But some of them have no heads!

I love that you put in the res shirt thing! LOL I'd forgotten that

The dude even has the awesome mustache and eyebrows!

OMG, TEA -- this comic is SOOOO awesome!!! :D

What a fun day -- I learned a lot and had a great time putting a face to the name I've heard (and read) so much about! :D

Thanks for hosting a mini-Hood reunion, too -- impromptu reunion = awesome! :)

It was super fun! I had a great time meeting you. It's so wonderful to know wonderful people all over the world. <3


Pssst....check out the new LJ Idol twist. I'm throwing my two cents out there that we should totally pair up. lol Let me know if you're down :)

Aw, I would love to, but I already have a partner! Thank you for thinking of me, though, I'm extremely flattered!

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