tea berry-blue (teaberryblue) wrote,
tea berry-blue


I am starting a new comics class today with Matt Madden.

Exciting, huh!?

I am excited.

The thing about this class is that I seriously considered not taking it because it's at the same time as American Idol AND the last season of LOST.

I am missing the last season of LOST to take a class on comics. This is serious, man! I have watched this show since the first season, and I have now watched it longer than any other show I have ever watched (mostly because it's run longer than any show I've ever watched). I have rarely missed an episode. I have scheduled things around it. Now I'm going to miss every episode through the end of April.

And I don't even have a DVR.

This must mean something!

But man my comics are going to be awesome.
Tags: comics, lost
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