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cap, captain miss america
I am starting a new comics class today with Matt Madden.

Exciting, huh!?

I am excited.

The thing about this class is that I seriously considered not taking it because it's at the same time as American Idol AND the last season of LOST.

I am missing the last season of LOST to take a class on comics. This is serious, man! I have watched this show since the first season, and I have now watched it longer than any other show I have ever watched (mostly because it's run longer than any show I've ever watched). I have rarely missed an episode. I have scheduled things around it. Now I'm going to miss every episode through the end of April.

And I don't even have a DVR.

This must mean something!

But man my comics are going to be awesome.
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That is some serious commitment.

Oh, shit, I think I just realized that we scheduled a ball room dancing lesson on the premiere of Lost.

I am trying to make more positive changes to my life. Not doing things that will improve personal fulfillment just because they're on when a TV show is on is a bad excuse that lets me be antisocial. This is forcing myself to re-align my priorities toward more interaction with people and also to focus on things I like to do that are productive.

And I'm sorry!

Well, really Ballroom Dancing lessons SHOULD (exactly as you say) trump a television show.

After all, it's really good practice for the rest of our marriage. I learn to follow Tim's lead (instead of always pushing to be in front) and Tim learns to lead. ...that metaphor always sounds better in my head.

Hahahaha! I think it makes sense knowing what I know about yours and Tim's personalities, but now I think that couples with a different dynamic, they should make the women lead!

I am proud of your commitment to your art!

Oh and you can let me know on Wednesdays if you want to synchronize watchings of the abc.com version.

Edited at 2010-01-26 07:40 pm (UTC)

We can do that! I'm going to see if I can figure out the "start over" setting on my cable box and whether I can watch it when I get home.

I think it means you should buy a DVR :) Or make a friend DVR them for you in exchange for "Day after Lost Cocktails"


I don't think I have any friends I can do "Day After Lost Cocktails" with. But it is a good idea. And I don't think I can afford a DVR!

Well, sadly my house is on the wrong coast or I'd offer.

I'm sure it will be online as soon as it airs West Coast.

It's usually online a little after it airs here, too. But then it's not on my TV, and either way, I'm not going to be watching it when it's on, which...well, I used to liveblog this show. So this is a big deal for me.

This post is more about me making an active decision not to make excuses to derail my social life than it is about missing the TV show. It's about re-thinking my priorities.

Hurray! I have problems with that too. It gets harder and harder to socialize (especially living in a remote coastal town hundreds of miles from my closest friends).

Letting go of experiencing things "live" is hard at first, but then it's so freeing. I don't think you'll regret it one bit.

LOST and Fringe are pretty much the only shows I have this irrational attachment to! Everything else I can miss and watch later.

I am trying to improve my socializing. The toughest part for me is that I have a lot of really, really good friends online who live far away, and I feel like going out with people in New York means not talking to the friends I already have, but at the same time, a support network that isn't able to actually be there in person isn't always enough, no matter how good those friends are.

There is no good substitute for an in-person chat about nothing in particular and vent about local things. The median age in my town is 43, so a lot of my in person social engagements involve talking to people in their 60s-80s with drastically different life experiences than me. The local anthropology professor and I struck up a friendship and now we religiously meet once a week just to talk. If we miss a week it feels like I'll completely pop from holding in whatever the most recent small-town insanity is.

For example, the local mortuary used to have a local TV spot that advertised they would "give you piece of mind". Which of course had me thinking about zombies...

I think it's good to have in-person friends as well as the internet variety, and it's ok to prioritize the face to face meetings a bit - because the internet is very forgiving about coordinating schedules and keeping up with people via lj or whatever, but not-computer interaction takes setting aside specific times.

Go you!

Also, it's on abc.com, and I -think- it will probably be available within a day or two on netflix (at least, Ian is hoping for that!).

Can't wait to see the comics that come from your class!

I know it is but I have an aversion to getting spoiled for LOST!

I completely get that. I am never able to watch shows when they actually air, and people seem to think it's okay to post about shows in facebook statuses as they air. It is maddening!

Exactly! I don't care as much with shows like Ugly Betty where there's not exactly any plot, but with LOST and Fringe, I would rather not know anything ahead of time!

channel one thirty one dot com.

Hahaha, thanks. I know lots of ways to get it, I just hate not seeing it right when it's on.

President Obama moved the state of the union for you to watch LOST and this is how you repay him????? :( :( :(

In the end, you'll be better off, of course! Your comics have already come a long way and Lost will be there for you when you're done. I look very much forward to your reports of the class and to seeing what comes from you because of it.

Class was pretty interesting! I am looking forward to it! I'll report later.

(Deleted comment)
Also, I can't go out for drinks with Locke or Desmond.

Not that I would WANT to go out for drinks with Locke.

I am super excited!

Gee, I didn't know LOST even still existed! I stopped around halfway through series three... is it worth picking up again?

It got bad for a while because they lost their writing staff-- it actually got good again I think shortly after you stopped watching? Haha.

bb, your comics already ARE awesome!!

(I'm just sayin...)


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