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Comic: Hands In The Car
cap, captain miss america

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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When I was little, I would be very excited about many of the rides until it was almost time to board them, then I would occasionally have a complete breakdown when I was being strapped in. My poor parents.

That said, if I'd been able to freak out before getting into the line because of a gruesome sign, it would have saved my parents some grief. :D

At least you did it when you were little. I still do that.

I freak out on the inside. the last few times I've been to amusement parks, its been chaperoning teenagers. Its amazing how much courage one can summon up when trying to appear confident around 14 year olds. Heh.

My mom did that a couple of times when I was a kid. Now I have to go on everything by myself.

I was actually a HUGE ride freak. Most of the time, it was a question of my parents having to go on rides that made them puke because I wasn't tall enough to ride alone. They were super relieved when I was 8 or 9 and tall enough to go on everything. It was just the one dismembered limb sign.

I love that it's a haunted mansion ride. Just imagine what HAPPENED to his missing limbs!

Hi there!

And yeah, I think that was the part that terrified me most. I was so pissed off when I found out my mom was kidding.

The thing was, it was one of those haunted houses that erred on the side of "funny"-- like, there was a skeleton pissing on an electric fence and a monster driving a pizza delivery truck. So I don't know, maybe the guy got run over by the pizza ghoul?

lol! Too cute. That would probably have happened with my sister, but I would have been too cool to chicken out.


(I'm lying. I totally would have freaked.)

Hahahahahaha! I think this was the only time I chickened out on a ride!

That is so awesome!

Is it wrong that something like that would have made me want to go on the ride more? I was always hoping we'd get stuck upside down in the rollercoaster or something...

I loved when the rides would break down with me on them! I think it was just the threat of dismemberment.


awwww.... (I mean the two frames before the last one...)

poor baby! here! I'll hug you and make it better!!!!


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