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Art for Haiti Part Three
cap, captain miss america

This is the last installment of the art that I’ve done as a thank you for people who donated money to the relief effort in Haiti.

The first one is for [info]kutiechick

It is a chick!  Cheep cheep!

Cutie Chick

Cutie Chick

The next one is for [info]fannyanns.  She asked for a gentle tree goddess with a winged creature at her feet. I am not EXACTLY sure what a tree goddess should look like but I did my best.

Tree Goddess

Tree Goddess

Finally, Marie asked for a Beatnik Ferret (bongos optional).

Beatnik Ferret

Beatnik Ferret

That’s all the art! Thanks everybody who gave money. I *will* continue to do these, as it’s important to remember that relief is going to be needed for a lot longer than the earthquake stays in the news.

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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Just one of the many examples of why you are awesome: the inclusion of stated 'optional' bongos.

And thanks for the bit about keeping Haiti in mind even after we stop seeing news coverage. It'll be easy for people to forget, but the point is that we should work even harder once the media moves on.

Well, I see optional bongos as a challenge that I cannot resist!

And yeah! I am heartened to see that people are still giving, but know that another cause will replace it and funding will dip. liret still does restoration work in the Gulf area from Katrina, and when I lived in Richmond, there were still problems caused by Isabel three years earlier.

bongos optional - I mean, how could you resist???


and you're right. people will be cleaning up Haiti, New Orleans, and other areas affected by natural disaster for years to come.

I think, though, the shame of the west - having seen the before and after of the destitution of the Haitians - hopefully will spur some lasting aid.


Thank you so, so, so much!!! :)

(Deleted comment)
Thank you so much! I think the tree goddess is my favorite of this batch!

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Thanks! And I will try to do a Conan for you this weekend!


I'm thinking of getting a tattoo, of said tree goddess with some kind of winged creature at her feet. winged serpent maybe. that's really wonderful, Tea.

she looks so happy!!!!!

I LOVE the bongos ferret! Now I'm bumming that I didn't know you were doing this benefit until now. I would have requested Alice in Wonderland holding a baby (not a pig baby).

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