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LJ Idol Week 12: “I Don’t Care About Apathy”, What I “Should” Care About, But Don’t.


(Note: everything is done in very simple black and white line drawing with no shading or coloring. It is a very narrow line and very clean, no hatching. It's slightly more detailed than my usual style but still cartoony)

RAIN (The title is decorated by a raincloud)

Panel 1: A classroom. There is a bald man with a mustache at the front of the room in front of a blackboard that says "The Holy Spirit" and a poster of a happy cartoon Jesus on the wall.

Teacher ("Mr. C"): Boys and girls, as your confirmation draws near, we're going to spend more time talking about The Holy Spirit.

Panel 2: Mr C is pointing at a raincloud that is apparently magically floating in midair. Just go with it!

Mr C: The Holy Spirit is like rain.

Panel 3: A flower bud, getting rained on.

Voiceover: It touches everything in the world

Panel 4: The flower again, now bloomed.

Voiceover: And makes it grow in a different and beautiful way.

Panel 5: 13-year-old Tea, sitting in a desk, raising her hand. There is a Bible on her desk.

Tea: Mr. C.?

Panel 6: Mr. C

Mr C: Yes, Tamara?

Panel 7: Tea looks confused.

Tea: But doesn't rain sometimes drown people?

Panel 8: Mr. C looks very disapproving. He doesn't say anything.

Panel 9: Tea looks worried.

Tea: What?

Panel 10: Mr. C still looks disapproving.

Mr C: I think we both know that was uncalled for.

Panel 11: Tea is sitting on the sofa at home, reading. There is a thunderstorm out the window.

Thunder: BAM! KRCCK!

Tea: Mutter mutter touches everything blah blah.

Panel 12: Tea looks up from her Bible. There is a big flash in the window.

Flash: FLASH!

Panel 13: The doorbell rings. Lightning strikes outside. Tea looks surprised.

Lightning: ZAP!

Doorbell: Ding Dong

Panel 14: Tea from behind, as she answers the door.

Tea: Hello?

Panel 15: Tea's friend, in a rain slicker, in the pouring rain.

Friend: Hi!

Panel 16: Friend again, with hands up.

Friend: Do you want to come outside?

Panel 17: Tea puts her hands on Friend's shoulder.

Tea: But it's soaking...you're soaking!

Panel 18: Close-up of Friend.

Friend: So?

Panel 19: Friend holds a hand out to Tea.

Friend: I don't care. Do you?

Panel 20: Tea and Friend walking around outside in the rain and lightning.

The end!

This entry was written for therealljidol Week 12: LJ Idol Week 12: “I Don’t Care About Apathy”, What I “Should” Care About, But Don’t.

This round is also an Intersection! My partner is cacophonesque. You can read her post on "Moments of Devastating Beauty" HERE

Tags: comics, lj idol
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