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News– and looking for donations for charity raffle!

So I don’t have official confirmation, but since my payment went through yesterday, I am officially exhibiting at MoCCA this year with [info]sewertalk and my friend Matt from my comics class last semester!

One thing I would like to do is put together a charity raffle to run from our table– $1 a ticket, 6 tickets for $5, with the money going to a selected class on Donorschoose.org that is looking for art supplies.

I’d like to get together a good selection of prizes to make this worthwhile. I can donate original art and I plan to make a hat as well.  I was wondering if anyone else on my list who makes crafts or comics of any kind would be willing to donate a book, finished art, or craft item– jewelry, plushies, hats, etc.

I would like this stuff to be finished items, not things that need to be requested by the winner, and mailed to me ahead of time so we can do a live drawing.  I am thinking if we can get at least ten good prizes that appeal to a number of different tastes and split them up between Saturday and Sunday, I will be really happy.  If you have an actual business or offer a service and can do gift certificates, that would be swell, too.

Also, if you don’t have anything you can donate, but know people who might be interested, let them know to contact me.  Thanks a million!

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Tags: comics: about, helping others, mocca
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