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News– and looking for donations for charity raffle!
cap, captain miss america

So I don’t have official confirmation, but since my payment went through yesterday, I am officially exhibiting at MoCCA this year with [info]sewertalk and my friend Matt from my comics class last semester!

One thing I would like to do is put together a charity raffle to run from our table– $1 a ticket, 6 tickets for $5, with the money going to a selected class on Donorschoose.org that is looking for art supplies.

I’d like to get together a good selection of prizes to make this worthwhile. I can donate original art and I plan to make a hat as well.  I was wondering if anyone else on my list who makes crafts or comics of any kind would be willing to donate a book, finished art, or craft item– jewelry, plushies, hats, etc.

I would like this stuff to be finished items, not things that need to be requested by the winner, and mailed to me ahead of time so we can do a live drawing.  I am thinking if we can get at least ten good prizes that appeal to a number of different tastes and split them up between Saturday and Sunday, I will be really happy.  If you have an actual business or offer a service and can do gift certificates, that would be swell, too.

Also, if you don’t have anything you can donate, but know people who might be interested, let them know to contact me.  Thanks a million!

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You can have one of my hats or scarves!

Awesome! Actually, can you do a Harry Potter one as opposed to a beaded one?I think that will be a better draw for this group.

Can it be a Hufflepuff one?

When would you need stuff by? I'd be interested in doing a scarf/shawl, but I have two other knitting projects I need to finish first.

The festival is April 10 so I would need it by the 9th!

I might be able to do a simple inked drawing of one of the otters or something if you think there'd be any draw for that at all. Or Tamino. And when would you need it by?

Also, congrats for going to MoCCA! I am very envious!

Thanks! And I love the otters AND Tamino, so I think they should be a draw. The festival is on April 10, so I would basically need stuff by that first week of April.

You are quite kind. Well, email me an address if you would so I can get something to you as soon as possible or I will forget. I'm good at that. Email, please to:

tommyblu at that gee-mail thingy.

Ok! I'm out of town for the weekend but I'll email you when I get back home!

Ahhh we need to talk so bad.

I want to donate something but I don't know what!

I am on the rest of the day! except for, like dinner and stuff!

I'm working on a mood theme for my "middle sister" and it's really hard (for me), but if I finish it in time, I can try to make some jewelry? I'm not sure if it would be a good draw or not.

Your jewelry is awesome! If you could do a choker or a bracelet, that would be perfect!

I can make little plushies for you! Let me know what you'd like me to make and I will make one happen.

Little plushies would be awesome! Can you make a zombie or a frankenstein's monster style teddy bear or kitty cat?

I would love to make a zombie for you! I think I have a pattern for a little amigurumi one. If I have time/materials, I'll do the other two as well, but definitely count on having the zombie.

I know I spoke to you already, but just so you can keep track of contributions, I will totes make you up a few little plushies and ship them out in the next few weeks!

That's really, really sweet of you. Donorschoose is one of my favorite charity websites. =) Wish I did some kind of crafting or knitting or what have you. The best I have is writing and we've all seen how that goes. (;

Aw, thank you!

I love your writing but I don't know that writing is something comic book geeks are going to pony up for! But if you have any friends who do crafty things you'd like to tell about this, I'd be much obliged!

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