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Hourly Comics Extravaganza!
cap, captain miss america
It is Hourly Comics Day and I have been doing hourly comics!

I only have a scanner at work though, so 5pm and later will have to come tomorrow!

My Forum Thread is Here

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Woot woot this is fun. I haven't done much drawing in a long time! (:

(up to installment five now!)

Excellent! I will go look!

I totally started making my comics to force me to draw all the time. It worked! But now I don't have time for other things!

Heh, I love this look at a day in the life through pictures. And I hear you about New Year's resolutions, my gym may finally be back to normal enough to make it worth going in.

Oh god it was like Day of The Horrible Comic Submissions!

I have so been there at the 4:00 p.m. one!

I am such a loser! I ate my breakfast yogurt for after-dinner dessert instead!

(Deleted comment)
No, 24 hour comics day is when you draw a complete comic book in 24 hours. This is when you draw a comic strip for each hour that you are awake!

It is pretty fun! I've never done 24 hour comic day because I always have a full time job and not enough time to do them, but this you can do quick and sloppy!

(Deleted comment)
Hey, there I am at noon!

(No, for real, it's a really terrible book and Nick Cave should stick to singing.)

I have(/had - haven't read it since high school) a big crush on John Grady Cole, so when you say "Cormac McCarthy" and "blow job" I am going to think about JGC having gay sex.

Also 1PM is me eating lunch at my desk EVERY TIME but usually on the lap of clothing that I love.

These are adorable and awesome!

Hahahaha. I am usually pretty good at eating neatly, but the banh mi was so drippy!

I* remember you from Sheroes! Except that I found your journal through the comments on Kate Beaton's. Friending now.

By the way, I also did hourly comics, although I have no idea if and when I'll have access to a scanner this year (like, ever), so who knows when the internet will see them.


Oh hey! I remember you!

Nice to see you!

Banh mi NOM NOM NOM. I had clay pot fish for lunch today also NOM!!!

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