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Hourly Comics Part 2!
cap, captain miss america
I uploaded the rest of my hourlies from yesterday!

The rest are under the cut!

As always, my thread on the forum is here!

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Yay! I am in your comics! And you do put chocolate on everything over there...

Especially on our bacon.

Mmmm... chocolate-covered baaaaaacon. arglaghlaghahhhh...

I went to a party a couple weeks ago where there were chocolate chip bacon cookies.

You are! And hold on a second, I have to eat my chocolate covered asparagus.

5pm... yes. I can't help it either; it's instinctive!

It really is! There is no way to stop it!

I am doing this today because I thought it was a good idea and didn't want to wait a year!

So cute! I've only looked at a couple others this year but I assure you, yours compare favorably to previous years!

They are so much crappier than most of my friends', man!

I laughed so hard I choked on the House one!

That is what I remember from the episode. House was just so sad Wilson wouldn't get in the tub with him.

i love your comics. my friend oberonia showed me your stuff and i enjoy reading them lots and lots. i even added you as a friend. oberonia pushed me into played the home game and i'm glad she did. i'm having a great time with my writing. just needed a little push is all.

Aw, thank you so much! I hope you have fun with the home game!

Oh, man, worst cook in america is my new obsession.

It is crazy awesome! I loved it because all the contestants were super nice people and not assholes and also because they actually TAUGHT things on the show.

I could move to America for constitutional rights like that.

Hey that is why we are the land of the free and the home of the brave, man!

This was so super cute! I did a little doodle during an interview that day and thought "maybe I should try something!" but um, then I forgot and got busy and bah...next year! :)

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