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Never mind LOST
cap, captain miss america
My flight was cancelled :-( I am working on figuring out an alternative now.

ETA Got through to Jetblue. Leaving on Saturday and coming back Thursday instead. I'm going to miss some of the parades I really wanted to see, but I will still get to see Orpheus and Rex and Zulu!

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That is horrible. I really hope that something works out for you.

I can't even get through to a person :-( Like, they aren't even putting me on hold. They're just hanging up my calls.

Edited at 2010-02-10 03:08 am (UTC)

Wow, I'm sure their switchboard is over loaded but just totally dumping calls is ridiculous.

Yeah, and it's a message saying you're going to be dumped, so it's not even an accident.


If I had a pilot license...I would come get you and fly you. Or if I thought I could reasonably steal a small plane and fly it without--

You know, federal agents will probably come to take me away soon. :/


I'm so sorry.

I won't say flash anyone.. but catch some beads for me!

Edited at 2010-02-10 04:42 am (UTC)

Hard hitting interview time


Tea! I have an important question for you!

::Kris and Tea teleport to a CNN "hard hitting interview" style desk/studio, with a fancy graphic in the background::

"Tea... ::leans forward with dead-serious expression:: ...is your name pronounced 'Tee' like the drink or 'Tee-uh?'"

Re: Hard hitting interview time

Like the drink! My parents called me teacakes and teatime when I was a baby and it stuck.

Re: Hard hitting interview time


I have a friend named Tiffany Setters .. I call her "T Set" :D

I just read your most recent posts and I'm so glad you can still go! I can't believe people were being dinks about your bad luck. Take lots of pictures!

I am super-glad for the edit. Far from the most perfect situation, but you'll still be making it down there for the out-hangering. Which is excellent!

ETA = Yay! I'm glad you get to go :)

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