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Comic: Lefty
cap, captain miss america

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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I sympathize with you, fellow lefty artist!


Oh the perils with being left-handed! Everything is made for righties in South Korea. I had to do screen golf with a right handed driver because there were no left handed clubs. It was bad. Real bad.

I want to be a leftie!

When I am drawing on my couch, my lamp is on the right so I constantly shadow my own drawings. Hmmm perhaps I should take up drawing with my left again, haven't done that since middleschool.

Hehe. I'm so glad most of our paperwork is electronic because the ink on the hand sucks. I used to use two sheets of paper for writing. One for the pen, one to keep my hand off the ink. It didn't smudge the page as badly either.

For what it's worth, I'm a righty and I still smudge. I swear a page isn't truly inked if I don't have some blob on my fingers and a touch up to do in Photoshop. Harder for you lefties, sure but it's part of the deal for all of us ink lovers.

Hee! My hubby and many other people I adore are lefties. I was just talking to one of them yesterday about handwriting. He and another friend both take a 90-degree angle at the paper so they can write more...upright without using the lefty "arm crook." (I'm explaining this poorly, sorry.)

Try placing a piece of paper under your hand over places you've already drawn. A lot of pros do this. It's cheap and easy (but I do understand about the ink smudging. It's a bitch)

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