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LJ Idol Week 14: "The Place that Can Not Be"
cap, captain miss america
transcript at end of post

More under the cut! So much more!Collapse )

This entry was written for therealljidol Week 14: LJ Idol Week 14: The Place than Can Not Be

This round is also an Intersection! My partner is hug_machine. Find out if you should consider a career as a cupid HERE!

How cute! :D I love your entries because they're always so much fun. :)

Aw, thank you so much! I have a lot of fun doing them, which is the most important part for me!

you guys are crazy, that is spectacular intersection-ing!

Yay, thank you! Too bad it wasn't a real intersection, huh?! But I heart Cat.

(Deleted comment)
Excellent! Next time I will post in exciting 3-D just for you!

I want to sign up just so I can take the "Soft, Fluffy Kittens" course.

Space is available but limited! Hurry!

"a young woman in Memphis, TN, falling in love with an empty Dorito bag"


This is great.

Thanks! Not so great for her, as her love affair was shortened by an overzealous trash collector.

To be fair, the empty Dorito bag was quite charming. Brilliant my dear!

It was a pretty suave Dorito bag! And thanks!

Aw this one was probably one I liked the most of all your comics :)

Oh my goodness! Thank you!

ok, this is the first entry I've read this week that actually made me laugh out loud!

Aw, thanks! Glad to be of service!

Good grief. It always amazes me how much I enjoy your posts. :)

D'awww. Thank you so much. It really tickles me that you like them so much!

Crazy delicious, as always. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

The Doritos were delicious! As are the conversation hearts! Thanks!

I was just now able to read this and LOVE the idea you guys came up with. All the promotional comments just made it better. Awesome.

Hahahaha, they weren't really meant to be promotion! I wanted to send everyone Valentines because I love sending Valentines, and then I was like, THESE ACTUALLY TIE INTO MY POST. So it was kind of awesome. But I made them before they actually worked as a promo!

Thank you so much; I'm so glad you liked it.

The world needs this place for its love, sweet love.

"Sweet" being the operative word when it comes to the conversation hearts!