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On Writing

Today, I found several old things that I wrote between 1999 and 2001. It's not as if I just came across them while I was futzing around; I actively searched for them to show them to liret. Well, I actively searched for one, because we went to see the Percy Jackson movie yesterday, and it reminded me strongly of something else I am writing, that is based on something else I did write, that is...

You get the picture. So I found that, and then I poked around and found two other pieces, and it made me think about how very prolific I used to be. Not that I'm not prolific now-- I mean, other than the lack of comics this past week or so due to vacation, I kind of put out a lot of stuff. But I used to traverse wide genre gaps, and while some of the things I wrote, including the thing that I wanted to show Jess, were trite and derivative...well. I made them. And I love telling stories, and my comics are...

not stories. They are just observations.

And I love them, but they don't make me feel like I am telling stories.

One of the pieces I showed to Jess is about storytelling. I will link it to you here; it's a bit odd and dated and very much of the era when I wrote it. Voila! But it also a lot less bad than one would expect for something written a good ten years ago. Really. People who know about Book Five will recognize the stormsphere, I think.

It put me in the mood for writing, but it's hard to have a "mood for writing" without a plan of something to write, a specific goal in mind. I could just write from the hip, I guess, but I'm having trouble coming up with a primary idea to start off from. Inspirationally speaking, I have plenty of non-fictional thoughts poking around in my head but my story-font is nil. And I want to write a story. For the "radial" post before, I wanted to write a story, and as far as I got was an idea for a secret society or secret code or something like that linked to a series of symbols that used wheel-spoke patterning. But I couldn't come up with anything past that, so it sort of shriveled and faded.

Of course, now that I am through typing that all up and should probably be thinking about sleep, I have some ideas for where to start with writing something writing-y-ish.
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