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Steampunk Request!
cap, captain miss america
My friend Katy has to write an article about Steampunk for her graduate program! This article will actually be on real newswires once it is finished.

I know a few people on my flist do various levels of steampunk cosplay or roleplaying or just read a lot of steampunk novels. If you'd be willing to give a little time to do a phone or email interview, Katy would sure appreciate it! Comment back and let me know-- and if you know anyone not on my flist who would be a prime candidate for such an article, please have them get in touch with me!


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*raises hand* I'm still sort of new as it goes and not nearly as steampunk equipped as some people but I would certainly be willing to put in my 2 cents.

Oh, good, that would be awesome! Can you email kbolson at hearst dot com? Her name is Katy and you can just tell her you're Tea's friend, emailing about the Steampunk article.

I want to see the people who do steampunk roleplay.

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