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LJ Idol Love Meme

oneonthefence and cacophonesque and I were talking about doing this in a post on java_fiend's journal, after some people said they were disappointed or bummed that the same people seem to get the lion's share of the compliments. Us being three people who get a lot of nice things said about us over the course of the competition, we decided it would be nice to give back to everybody.

So here's how it's going to work:

1) cheshire23, oneonthefence and beautyofgrey are going to make a thread for every single contestant as of week 14. That includes the folks who were eliminated AND who sacrificed tonight, as well as the people who came back in tonight.

2) Once all the folks have a thread, you can do one of two things:

--Leave a comment for EVERY contestant. If you do this, please try to make the messages personal-- things you like about them and their posts that couldn't be about anyone else. Something about their strengths as a writer or a contestant!
--Leave comments only for the contestants you have nice things to say to. These can be anonymous.

The only rule is that they have to be positive things! Anyone can participate, whether you are a contestant or not.

3) If you leave a comment for everyone, I will unscreen all of your comments once they are up.
4) If you only leave comments for some people, they will stay screened. We'll wait until the weekend is over and then send them to people privately. And then if there are more after that, we'll send 'em again!

ETA: If you post a comment for everyone but the new folks/returnees, that is okay. Because I know not everyone will be familiar enough with the new/returning people, I hope that is okay with you, it just seems like the fairest way to do this! I don't want to exclude you all but I don't want to make people who don't know you feel so overwhelmed they don't participate.

LOVE to everybody!

beautyofgrey, cacophonesque, cheshire23, oneonthefence, and teaberryblue
Tags: lj idol
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