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Loose Ends and MoCCA

So, you have probably noticed there were no comics last week, and the week before there were only a few.

I am not giving up on comics, but I do need to cut down on the number I am doing for now, because I have to take time to do my homework for class, and also, I need to spend more time preparing for MoCCA, because I WILL have a table. If you are going to be in NYC on April 10 or 11, you should stop by and see me! After then, I will try and figure out the right schedule for comics. I think it will be three days a week.

I am super excited about this whole thing. But I need to do a lot of work to get ready. I am crocheting hats, and working on minicomics. [info]shinyredtype and I are working on an awesome little project for it.

If you offered to send something for the charity raffle– or if this is the first time you’re hearing about it– please contact me privately and I’ll work this out with you.  You have about a month to send things.

One thing I need to do is make a business card! I’ve never made business cards before.  Here is my first shot at one:


What do you all think?  I deliberately didn’t include my phone number, as I prefer working via email and I don’t want to give my phone number out to crazies.  Also, I like the idea of putting “cute stuff” as opposed to a specific jobby-job because I do so many things, and cute is probably the best unifying term.  Suggestions, advice?  Let me know what you think!

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