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More business cards!
cap, captain miss america

People gave me AMAZING advice on the business card I posted.  The big things people commented on:

–Should have my own art

–Text was hard to read

–”Cute Stuff” was too vague and could be misread in that context

Thank you all so much for all your help! I really appreciate it, even if I sounded grouchy in some of my replies.

So I worked on more designs!  I finished two today and I’d like to share them with you and if people don’t mind feeding more back to me, I would love that!



I have to credit [info]emo_snal with the idea for the echidna.

In the meantime, life is pretty good!  Watched American Idol Top 24 and there were a few decisions on the judges’ part from last week that I’m kinda WTFing at now, but I won’t spoil anybody!

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I like the first one a lot, but I find the text for your email/website a bit difficult to read. It's quite faint... maybe just trying a different anti-alias setting would help? Dunno. Because otherwise I like the font selection.

The second card is also really nifty.

Do you think you'd possibly do both versions? I think that having a couple of different options could be fun.

Well, it costs $20 to get 1000 business cards printed, but $15 to get 500 and 500 in two different styles. So I don't think it would be logical. I can try changing that font on the first one though.

Either! I like the second one better because it feels less... fluffy. I dunno. Somehow the echidna adds more creativity and quality to it. Also the text is easier to read!

I think that the second one has better balance in terms of negative space, too.

But I'm really partial to the font of her name in the first one!

I like the second one. And not just because an echidna is almost a hedgehog.

I am very much in favor of the first one because it's a unique color scheme that really reminds me of your personality, and I love the little faces. My only suggestion is to find another word for 'things' since it's a bit vague. Maybe tchotchke? With little blurbs around the card like "She knits!" "She draws!" "She cocktails!"

I think adding blurbs would crowd it too much. What do you think of the possibility of the echidna on a pink color scheme?

I love love love the expression on the echidna's face.

But I like the text and font better on the first card. CONFLICT.

Destiny said the same thing. I'm going to play around with a different text treatment on the echidna card.

I like "purveyor of adorable things" a lot

I prefer the first one, but I think it's because of the color scheme. And also "purveyor of adorable things."

Yeah, I think I'm going to play around with combinations of the two! I feel like these are both way closer though!

I like the second one better because it seems more balanced and clean. I'm not a huge fan of the color scheme, though. I like "purveyor of adorable things" as your descriptor more than "cute stuff". I definitely think a combo of the two will yield good things. :)

If I didn't know this blog and somebody handed me one of those two cards, my response would be, "WTF does this person do?"

Edited at 2010-02-25 09:36 am (UTC)

I like them both a lot! I think I like the top one more though because the pink is more eye catching and I really like the little faces!

I like the first one, the more I look at it. I like the colors, and the name font. And the website font too, because that seems more "you". Also, the smiley blue berries are a direct link to the comic stuff that you do.

The color scheme works best on the first one, but I would probably replace the smiley face with more, er . . . adorable things. The contact info text is too thin. I need to be able to read at a glance. Needs to either be bolded or a different font altogether, but I do like the style of it. Your name font is great, but push the R up a bit.

While the blue works well with the pink, I do like the idea of a pink echidna.

Now that I'm looking at it again, the contact info is just too squished. It needs a font that's more spread out.

Just here to say that I REALLY like the first one with the smiley faces!