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(no subject)
cap, captain miss america
100 pages
25,234 words
113,292 characters, no spaces
140,278 characters with spaces
666 paragraphs
1911 lines

i started on wednesday april 3
today is wednesday april 18 (well, technically thursday)

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the last time i crammed that much work on a single project into a short stretch of time, an intense physical crash soon followed. :)

thanks! heh, that's okay, i'm already *in* an intense physical crash from work, so i figure i can't get much worse. it isn't really that much; it's an average of 7 pages and 1800 words a day. when you compare that to college papers and the like...well, you get the picture. i just wish i weren't working, i would get a whole lot more writing done. this is giving me a lot of confidence that i can do this; if i can write a hundred pages in my free time, i could write at a very respectable pace if i decided to do it full-time. then the only problem is the ideas part. but i think i've been storing those up.


Good lord. That's... insane. I've got to admit, you have tons and tons of motivation. But of course, I knew that before.

I used to work two hours every night after school during high school on my comics. One page would take me two hours, so it turned out well. Each comic averaged 42 pages. I only finished two, however, and half of a third. There was supposed to be four, but I never finished it off. It also says a lot when you can finish your projects.

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