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cap, captain miss america
I did comics again this week!

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I had not put it together but you're RIGHT -- this is just yet another instance of Kate Tagging Along. Luckily for Jacob's team, she normally foils the mission of the party she's with anyway.

Oh god. I just thought of something.

If we have Team Jacob, does that make Evil!Locke Edward?

You should make the Team Jacob/Team Smokey icons.

She is like a delicious chocolate coated peanut butter girlscout cookie!

(Deleted comment)
You know when I read these it makes me glad I stopped watching Lost in the third season

Oh I love it and it got way better again later!

The last panel is perfect. I mean why is Kate just always there! Smokey was so not thrilled by the idea of her tagging along, again.

This made so much more sense to me than the actual episode! Someone needs to invent Claire-B-Gone.

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