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Hot Drink Mix Auction!
cap, captain miss america
I completely flaked about posting this to my own LJ-- today has been a huge week for flaking!

I'm offering a container of my homemade hot drink mix that I use to make hot buttered rum and hot buttered bourbon for auction on con_or_bust.

You can bid on it here.

There are also a whole bunch of other awesome things up for auction.

In other news, is there anyone reading who has worked on simple Flash games like Memory Match, word puzzles, or jigsaw puzzles before? I have a couple questions about them that I want to talk to someone about.



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completely unrelated to anything on LJ, but I know we've said repeatedly we should try to meet up and I'm not often available due to health, but my roommate and I are looking to get people together to go out tonight and I wasn't sure if you might be interested (it's saturday march 6th). feel free to poke me back here or on IM (I'm IBelieved2004 on AIM) or get other contact info from mutual friends :)

I am sorry! I was at my parents' this weekend. But I woulld like to meet up at some point. I am usually busy Tuesday nights (class), but other than that, weekdays vary based on other activities!

FYI, usually I am not around on weekends, because I am on the farm. This week we tapped maple trees!

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