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i had to take work home with me tonight. that sucked; i haven't started writing for the night yet. i'll get a little done i guess. but it still sucks. i hardly got much work done, either.

poopy. it's because i did other work at work the past two days. yesterday i had to help finish another project that i wasn't on the team for that was late, and today we had a meeting and then i ended up taking to maciej (the guy who started our company) for a really long time about some issues i had with the way he wants to develop the language/software. it was a good discussion but i didn't get my designs done.

and my chest is hurting again. i think it is because of my boobies. I HATE MY BOOBIES. mikey just measured me-- my ribcage just below my boobies is 27" and my bust is 40." he also estimated that each of my boobies is between 1.5-2 lbs; he measured them against a 1lb can of crushed tomatoes. pooh to boobies. i need to get new bras and that prospect is always creepy. anyway, i think that the weight of carrying around two enormous blobs of fat on a pretty small frame is starting to take its toll on me. TOO BAD MY FREAKIN' HEALTH INSURANCE DOESN'T COVER BREAST REDUCTION.

okay, anyway, i gotta get back to writing. i've been dreaming about my characters which is something new. doesn't usually happen. this whole thing means KiSS has totally gone on a back burner, but i think it is worth it. the writing thing is important. i've also been starting to think about the other characters' stories, especially riasa's. i just realized something about my characters in this particular world.
caffrey: only child/much younger half-sister
cheli: twin, no other sibs besides twin
jolie: youngest of 2
jaesten: youngest of 2
fredje: youngest of 7
riasa: third of 4
leanorah: youngest of 3

jolie, riasa, and leanorah are all from families of only-girls. jaesten and caffrey, the boys, both have sisters. cheli and fredje have brothers.

there are a lot of youngest siblings. i don't particularly know what that means.
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