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My App is Featured on the App Store!
cap, captain miss america

So, the app I helped build, Bizarro, is on the featured list at the iTunes App store! This is one of those things that is kind of ridiculously hard to do because Apple has some kind of weird criteria for picking featured apps that nobody knows?

But it is there! Go look! (Warning: that link will open iTunes) I made the icon for the app! Obviously, Dan Piraro drew the art and all, but I did the icon designing.

If you have an iPhone, you should download it!

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.


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Too cool!!! You should be very proud! Yea you!:)

Thanks! I am crazy excited about this! We are now the #36 best selling app in the Entertainment section!

Eee, how fun! If I had an iAnything I would totes get it, if only because I love Bizarro...

I would too! But alas I do not. But I love Bizarro, too!

Wow, that's pretty exciting. Good for you!

I'm looking all over that site but I can't the Bizarro app anywhere :P I don't have an iAnything though, so maybe I need an account.

Oh on the front page, if you look at the New & Noteworthy section and scroll a bit, it is right in there!

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