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MoCCA Update! Also, looking for Raffle Donations.

So I am getting my shit together for MoCCA, which is two weekends away!

I went out and bought my own paper cutter today!  It’s a mini 15″ one which is all I need to cut up paper for minis. Pretty fun, huh?  Except for the part where my finger found out just how sharp it is.  I didn’t even, like, bring the blade down on it.  I just sort of brushed it, and I was like, oh, that couldn’t ha– OH YES IT DID CUT ME.  So I am having fun with that!

I also inked 12 pages of the 24-page Comic About Pie that I am making for a collaboration with [info]shinyredtype.  I am proud of me!

Unfortunately, I also screwed up the layout for one of my minis and need to re-print it out.  Poo.

I got two packages in the mail with raffle prizes:  one from [info]missbadexample and another from [info]rainy_day.  So far, I’ve gotten raffle prizes from them and from [info]liret.  I know a couple of you besides them have wanted to send something– please message me for my address if you haven’t yet as I need stuff sent in the next week or so!   If you haven’t heard  about this raffle yet, I am raffling off items to raise money for an art class on Donors Choose. So far, Jess made two Hogwarts scarves, Brenna made two amigurumi critters, and Jessi made a stone choker. I am going to stick in a few things, and so is my mom.

You can email me at demiurge@antagonia.net to get my address if you can mail something.

I also finalized my business cards. Sorry I didn’t ask for another round of feedback, but I got so caught up in other stuff that I didn’t want to delay any longer. I did use a lot of your advice, though. Take a look at the final card here:

bizcard3 bizcard3back

You are all the best! <3

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