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LJ Idol Week 19 Recs
cap, captain miss america
This week, LJ Idol is a contestant-only vote, so unless you're a current contestant, you can't vote, but I thought I would do some recs anyway, because I've noticed a lot of entries just aren't getting the love they usually do.

Here are a few entries that stood out for me this week:

baxaphobia wrote about a childhood punishment and how it made a tree into a symbol for her. Read it here.

fourzoas wrote about why her grandmother can't read. Read it here.

furzicle wrote about the generation gap in schools and how different things are for kids who aren't that different in age, and about how things that seem old-fashioned now didn't happen so long ago as we might think. Read it here.

imafarmgirl wrote about prolapsed duck penises! Read it here.

hug_machine wrote about some unicorns! Read it here.

markmade wrote a guide to the alphabet, with television! Read it here.

rattsu wrote about Science! And how the observable and the magical can live together in harmony, which reminds me of our RP characters. Read it here.

whirled wrote a comic, starring me! Read it here.

Of course, I wrote about Darth Vader, Jane Austen, Batman, and Sigmund Freud. Most of you can't vote for me this week, but if you missed it, take a looksee!

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Thank you so much for the Rec! I'll let imafarmgirl know you liked her entry as well. (Don't think you have her on your flist). Hugs!

Oh you're welcome! I really liked both of your entries this week. I thought yours was just a really well-done piece of personal narrative, and hers was so unique and different!

(Deleted comment)
Also because you made a comic and it was the adorablest. Also because if I rec you a lot you might come back to visit again.

(Deleted comment)
Kris is on AIM demanding that I draw us all! Which will happen eventually.

And that is hilarious! And kind of awesome. Did he tell you?

(Deleted comment)
TEA! I couldn't make something new for you - no time - but I do still have my giant Oscar Wilde pillow if you want it.

Oh dude, that would be awesome! I love the Oscar Wilde Pillow! Are you sure you want to part with it?

I'm cool with it :D Can you email me your shipping address?

Sure, messaging it via LJ message now!

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