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Tell me about yourselves!
cap, captain miss america
So, my little pumpkins!

I have been thinking about something lately, and I would like to put it out there for all of you:

Over the past few months since I started doing comics, the number of people who have friended me has almost doubled.

And I feel badly because I don't know all of you and just can't keep up with friending everyone who friends me. This is not because I don't like you! I love meeting new people and getting to know them and I feel kind of callous when I don't friend people back, but I also feel callous when I don't comment on lots of people's posts. I am trying to find the right happy medium. I sort of wish that there was a way on LJ to do what you can do on Dreamwidth and unlock friendslocked posts to people without adding them to your reading list. Yeah, I know usually people talk about reading people without giving them access to locked posts, but I'm a much more open person and my downfall is more in the context of wanting to tell people about more personal things but knowing I just can't keep up with the friendslist size (or with the complications of reading list filters-- I have tried and it just confused me).

So, I would like to do this! Usually people post that meme telling people to ask something about themselves, but I don't want to make this about me. I would like to learn more about you! If you're reading my LJ, I would love it if you tell me about yourselves! Even if you are someone I know pretty well, figure it will be for the benefit of other people who are reading, to see if maybe they would like to be your LJ friend, too! And if you do have questions you would like to ask me about...well, pretty much anything unless it's a topic I normally keep under a friendslock...please feel free to do that!

If you need help thinking of things to tell me, try some of these:
--What do you do for a living?
--What are some of your hobbies or interests?
--What is your favorite color?
--What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
--How do you feel about chickens?
--Or anything, really! What is important to you to tell me?

<3 to everyone!

--What do you do for a living? - Bum

--What are some of your hobbies or interests? - Birds, sports, obsessive reading, cats, snakes, food, New Orleans

--What is your favorite color? - Purple

--What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? - English or African?

--How do you feel about chickens? - Most of the ones you get these days are about as flavorful as tofu. People who cry about the "cruelty" of foie gras should shut the hell up if they've ever eaten a battery chicken or egg.

--Or anything, really! What is important to you to tell me? - New Orleans and surrounding environs remain inadequately protected by federal levee systems despite government claims of untold billions poured into our region. The technology is there; just ask the Netherlands.

Let's say North American swallows, just to throw everyone for a loop!

I think we're going to start raising our own chickens sometime in the next few years. I am very excited for that. I just don't really buy meat anymore unless I know exactly where it's coming from. But I do like foie gras.

I was just in the middle of reading the article you linked, actually! So you are getting the word out to some people!

My parents are on their way down to New Orleans-- actually, they should probably be there by now. I think they are heading over to Green Goddess Friday night!

Whee! I'm an environmental scientist, currently working on assisting government entities with climate change regulation. (On that note, I generally DON'T like to discuss/argue climate change outside of work - trust me, I've read every argument against it that there is.)

Outside of work, I enjoy writing (LJ Idol, woo!), cooking, and building things. :P My favorite colors are dark green, deep purple, and navy blue. The airspeed velocity of an unladen (European) swallow is 24 miles per hour, chickens are awesome, and I need an extra day of sleep! :)

I think your job is awesome! And I understand not wanting to discuss it. I bet you get the people who are sure they have an argument you've never heard and you're going to completely change your worldview just by listening to them.

I would like an extra day of sleep as well!

Although you know me very well, I will do this anyway!

Hi. I'm Katie.

--What do you do for a living?
Right now? I work part-time at Blockbuster thanks to an absolutely fucked-up set of circumstances wherein I quit a soul-crushing but high-paying job because I was in the last stage of the hiring process somewhere else, only to have them back out after having given me the job and this got a lot longer than I meant it to. Uh, I work at Blockbuster now. Yay free rentals?
--What are some of your hobbies or interests?
I read. I draw. I paint. I take pictures on sunny days or days where it's not raining so hard it'll mess up my camera. I play GURPS once a week with our friends. I hang out with my husband.

--What is your favorite color?
Bright teal/turquoise blue and jewel-toned purple. Yes, I am very specific about this.

--What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
I used to have a file saved that had the answer to this question. Oh well.

--How do you feel about chickens?
I firmly believe that every live chicken I meet may very well be a faerie princess, all thanks to you, Tea.

--Or anything, really! What is important to you to tell me?

I am a hippie bleeding heart liberal with an art degree, a husband, and a cat whose name I cannot spell correctly. I have piles of paper sitting all around me that I should probably start filling up with drawings. Things I have done exist here and here although I am working on getting enough stuff together to get my own domain name... when/if I do that, I'll shut those sites down and have one big site for me, so I can finally start having a portfolio together... hopefully before I move to South Carolina in August.

I am currently watching my cat try to lay in the sun, only as time goes by the sun moves and she keeps scootching forwards to stay in the light. It's pretty cute.

Re: Although you know me very well, I will do this anyway!

Some chickens ARE fairy princesses. Like this one:

I like yellow. And crepes. And books. All books. I only observe chicken on official holidays. Anything that is important for me to tell you I have already told you, likely many times. You could likely fill this out about me better then I can, actually.

I am in Chicago!

How was the nineteen hour train ride?

Jess loves chickens with all her heart. She believes it is important to tell you that Tea is the greatest.

How did I do?

I really should be driving away right now, but suddenly I need to do THIS.

I am a science teacher for elementary school kids.I majored in Bacteriology in college but now my favorite topics to teach are physics, which I avoided in high school, and chemistry which I almost bombed. Then I had to take three plus years of it at UCLA. Gah.

Hobbies: rocks, weather, eating in Louisiana, tallships, camping, hiking, California native plants, deserts,chickens (living), chickens (as dinner, sorry ladies)

Like the previous writers, my favorite colors are jewel toned blues, greens, bright red.

airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow= 32 FT/SEC/SEC. Same if it is laden. This only applies to a stone cold drop out of the sky, wings folded.

CHICKENS RULE. and poop. a lot.

you have recently met my son. condolences.

Now I better go.

Your son invited me to come out and visit sometime! Condolences.

I avoided chemistry because the chem teacher had it in for me. I aced physics. I took AP physics and almost aced that! I don't know anything about bacteriology!

--What do you do for a living?
I work in development/fundraising, but on the processing side of things. So, putting money into accounts, making sure things are recorded correctly, that sort of stuff.

--What are some of your hobbies or interests?
I had a dream last night that I was riding my unicycle through a trail in the woods. I wish that I could do that when I was awake! Um.. right. Knitting, beer, board games/card games, exploring, Vaclav Havel, telling stories, trying to acquire new hobbies...

--What is your favorite color?
Orange! But I also like green a lot.

--What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
I like to watch barn swallows. They're cute.

--How do you feel about chickens?
I might get a tattoo of one.

--Or anything, really! What is important to you to tell me?
I love you! And I like when you draw comics of me. (:

We should get chicken tattoos together. Maybe we can get ones that when you line them up, they look like they're kissing.

I love you too! And I would like to unicycle as well as you do in your dreams. And I have some beers for you!

Well, lets see. My day job is working finance in the medical field. I used to like it but I am getting burnt out on it. My real passion is writing and I am the plot director and main editor for the Fellowship of the White Star role playing game.

My hobbies include role playing games, video games, movies, and music. I have a long history as a comic book collector, but over the last ten years or so have gone from collector to casual reader. Currently, my pull list includes Dark Avengers, X-Factor, and some of the Batman titles.

I play FaceBook games and don't know how I feel about them going from FB alerts to email. I may stop playing when that happens. I play WoW, but not fanatically (I've been playing since 2004 and my highest level character is only 49.)

I am mostly an open book. There are very few secrets I keep, both online and off line. Mostly other people's secrets. Like: the company I work for asked us not to mention where we work in social online groups. So, I don't.


Ooh, I just looked up your game. It looks like an awesome concept. I used to run an online rpg and made up most of the plots for that! It was a pretty big game for a writing-based RPG-- we had about two hundred people at one point. But it took place in 1640-1643 and I love when I see games that have historical modules and stuff like that. And Rasputin!

Now I play in a very small freeform RPG my friend quizzicalsphinx runs. It is here!

I don't like the Facebook email alerts thing, either. But I didn't play many Facebook games so it helps. I ascribe to the open book theory, too-- the only things I lock up are things that are about other people or might affect other people.

-Collections at a museum. (There is a hawk fighting a cobra over my desk, and a hippo in my office)
-writing, mosaics, reading, weird movies
-purple and green
-African or European?
-I keep thinking I should get chickens. I have a big empty barn and a chicken coop I could clear out. I'm afraid my dog would hurt them though.
-I like cheese.

Oooh! Awesome! IS that a natural history museum, then?

What kind of weird movies?

Who the heck am I?

Mike. We sort of met through WCN, when you worked there and were kind enough to interview me. It was a lot of fun and my only one ever even though it never aired.

Where am I?

Michigan, though I wish I were still in Boston.

What do I do?

Work retail which I hate and do web comics and paint portraits when I'm not working. The comics are still on WCN (for now). My web site is so clunky, I won't link to it.

How do I feel about chickens?

I think they're pretty neat looking critters, especially their feet. If I ever owned one, it would be as a pet, and I suppose eggs though I don't eat many of those.

I'd ask you things but you offer so much through your LJ. I'm just glad to be included on whatever friends-setting I am!

Hey! I got the arts in the mail! They are gorgeous and hiding in my office till the rain stops.

I feel bad about all the interviews I did. I loved talking to you and learned a ton from it. Sometimes I think I should start interviewing cartoonists for fun, just to make up for it.

If you need help thinking of things to tell me, try some of these:

Well it's more like "what will not make people want to run away far, far away?

--What do you do for a living?

I'm a translator (part-time as an employee, part-time independent business), full-time mom, rent out a commercial space, and I'd like to add writing to it.

I studied communication sciences as well as film writing & analysis, and most of my translations are done for the film industry.

--What are some of your hobbies or interests?

Reading, writing, photography, watching TV/films, getting out of the house, scrapbooking and all sorts of crafts for the hobbies, for the interests feminism/women's rights (I'm a feminist), breastfeeding (I'm a lactivist), politics, 'current events', international relations, cinema, environmental questions, esoterism, heathen questions, religion, mythology, etc.

--What is your favorite color?

Black, green, blue.

--What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Depends whether or not I'm running behind it... Those little bastards are quick, I tell you!

--How do you feel about chickens?

They are cruel, cruel animals which taste great 0_0

--Or anything, really! What is important to you to tell me?

I'm 29, not at all where I thought I'd be. Currently looking for a house to buy with my partner of 5 1/2 years, we have a 2 1/2 year old daughter Sigrid, 3 cats named Hades, Freyja & Hlin, and would like to expand on that family (kids and cats). We live in Belgium, we're Heathens, slightly sociophobes, too. I'm very liberal, fiscally a little more conservative, and currently trying to at least write down the stories that twirl through my head instead of thinking "I will do that later".

Oooh, film translations? For dubbing or subtitles or both?

(Deleted comment)
Hey, I am still not cool! I am sorry about your ankle and I totally agree with you on the friends and family thing.

I'm Lori, I'm currently staying at home with my 18-month-old twin daughters and writing freelance on the side; I also write for fun. I tend to write/talk/think a lot about queer stuff, feminist stuff, gender stuff, and other anti-oppression stuff. Also sex writing and sometimes sex work, and books and SF and food, food, food. I found you via karnythia.

I tolerate chickens. I have mildly gruesome stories about them from the time when I was a high school biological researcher that I try not to share with the unprepared.

Oh no! I am unprepared for gruesome chicken stories. I think those would upset me more than gruesome people stories!

I should write up a little about me post thingy too at some time so people can find out all the stuff that is buried! Thank you for replying; I would never have known all these things about you. I like food and feminism and gender and queer stuff and more food too!

--What do you do for a living?

I am taking 9 hours in college this semester. My degree will be English with a minor in Education and I will be certified to teach 7th-12th. I also am a wife, mom to 3 kids (one of whom is in Special Ed at school)ages 3, 6, and almost 9 and "mom" to a little dog.

--What are some of your hobbies or interests?

I love to write (I have 5 essays in Idol Musings), read, jump rope (it's good exercise) I used to oil paint and draw a lot and I want to get back to that. I love to scrapbook. I love to go to movies. I enjoy many different kinds of music and love concerts. I can't afford many concerts but it's almost summer. Free concerts in the park, I can't wait! I'm always singing along with my radio in the car (or at home, sometimes)

Many people say I have a good singing voice. I am a first soprano and sing in a choir.

I am greeted by name by at least 6 different librarians at our local library (ie, I love to read and read quickly so I am in there a lot)

I love to swim, walk and play tennis.

I sound rather boring, I guess. I have others interests too, they flee my mind when I write these things for some reason.
--What is your favorite color?

Emerald/Jade Green. A jewel tone.

--What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

I have no idea. Math was never my strong suit.

--How do you feel about chickens?

I don't have a lot of feeling one way or another but roosters are part of a pleasant memory for me. I lived in Africa for 2 years as a child. When we first arrived, I was so amused that I could hear roosters crow at all hours. So, for months, I kept a chart, carried it folded up with me and would record how many times I heard a rooster crow in each 24 hours period.

I guess I was an odd child...

I remember you writing about the roosters! You did that for an Idol post, didn't you? I liked that one.

Nobody is boring! Everyone is just a little different. I think it would be cool to be a library celebrity!

--What do you do for a living?

I plan and manage volunteer projects with about 30-40 different non-profits in New York City. My areas of expertise are parks, soup kitchens, and mural painting, though I wouldn't necessarily say I am particularly an expert in any of those areas. I also have a fledgling pie shop, though that doesn't exactly pay any of the bills!

--What are some of your hobbies or interests?

Baking, gardening, knitting, pie, food, roller skating, roller derby, traveling, photography, Lemony Snicket, Seattle, Prague, farmer's markets/CSAs, Girl Scout cookies, YA lit, biking, hiking, making random foods from scratch, Twin Peaks.

--What is your favorite color?


--What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

I haven't a clue, and I am okay with that.

--How do you feel about chickens?

I hope to raise my own someday! For now, I like to eat their delicious eggs and meat. I just learned how to roast them!

--Or anything, really! What is important to you to tell me?

I want to spend less time on the internet and more time with my hobbies, and I am often bad at doing that!

LOVE your icon. I LOVED the babysitting club books and (shh) now my 8 year old son LOVES it. He says it's like "spying on girls"

Hi, Tea's friends! I have known Tea for a really long time (since 2002, whoa) and she is the very definition of "good people".

I am a graduate student getting a Master's degree in library and information science! Right now I work as a graduate assistant at my university library's reference desk, but in the past my careers have included barista, temp flunky, lab worker, and code monkey. Among other things, I like cooking and figuring out new ways to use my crock pot (although I draw the line at the recipe for fish-steamed-in-dishwasher that I recently bumped into), running, watching TV shows and movies, learning languages, and reading! My favorite colors are scarlet red or peacock blue.

My opinions on chickens depend on whether or not the chicken in question is Pepita!

Hi Heidi! I heart you!

And yes, of course the chicken is Pepita!