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cap, captain miss america
Um, some of them got ripped when I pulled them out of my sketchbook. But whatever!

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I am excited for the part when Desmond and Richard are on the screen at the same time.

That will make me very happy! I am glad that Desmond is back. Even if he is heavily drugged and held captive!

I am hoping they worked around Sonya Walger's and Elizabeth Mitchell's commitments to FlashForward and V to make Penny and Juliet come back, too.

This is what all good people want.


I really love your LOST comics :-)

Aha thank you! I am torn between making them not-sloppy and getting them up the same night. for now, speed is winning.

Sun DID have the best speech! You don't tell Sun what to do, okay? Love her.

Also, the possibility of Claire killing Kate really excites me! I've hated Kate almost since the beginning of the series, and I love Claire. Even crazy-dead-squirrel-is-my-baybee-Claire! So this is really the best possible ending for me.

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