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Exciting week of Exciting mail!

I meant to post this yesterday, but I was hardcore trying to finish up my pie comic. Which is done, but not printed! Everything else is printed and cut and all ready to be stapled. And yes, that is about 150 comics to staple, but I can get that done this week easily! Yay!

kamenkyote sent me some artwork that arrived on Monday, in the midst of torrential rain! So it stayed on my desk all week.

Today I got a giant box full of Oscar Wilde from twowishesleft. He is this amazing plush pillow doll. I am super excited!

But yesterday? Yesterday was the day of mail not to be forgotten.

First, I got these:

Pretty awesome, huh? I am stoked for my business cards. They were only like $20 for a thousand cards, so any of you who have ever wanted business cards just because, you should get some!

So I was already happy, when another package arrives...

My mother sent me not one, but TWO boxes of See's chocolates.

And that might have been enough, but then I went to check my submissions mailbox, and there was this odd-shaped envelope, and I was like, hm, this is a funny shape for a submission. And then I looked and saw it was addressed to me and not to Submissions Editor.

And then I saw that it was from whirled.

It was a book! And this is what was inside:

Which is just more proof that whirled might just be one of the most awesome people ever.

But it is funny, because I actually have something for whirled.

On Wednesday night, I went out to be moral support while Dan Piraro shot a video to promote our iPhone app. whirled sent me the following message:

You were drinking with MR BIZARRO?!

Sigh. I'm moving to NYC, dammit!

The thing was, I was still drinking with Mr. Bizarro. And I showed him the message. And he was like, "oh! Then we should get a picture of the two of us together for her!"

I only had my phone, and it doesn't have the greatest flash, but Dan's wife took a pic for you, whirled! So it turned out appropriately weird. Thank you for my book!

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