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Lj Idol Week 21: Hyperbole is Literally Hitler
cap, captain miss america

In 1953, Leo Strauss, a German-Jewish scholar who had emigrated to America before the Holocaust, coined the term Reductio ad Hitlerum to refer to the fallacy of irrelevance in discussions where someone likens things or people to Hitler or the Nazi party, specifically when the two are not comparable1.

Leo Strauss

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Next Sunday, April 11 (27 Nisan) is Yom HaShoah, the Jewish Holocaust Remembrance Day. Please take a moment in your day to think about those killed during this horrific era in history.

This entry was written for therealljidol Week 21: Hyperbole is Literally Hitler

Those math problems are horrifying. It's amazing what people will try to convince children of through apparently innocent means.

Thanks for writing this and pointing to something I didn't know much about in this time period.

This is one of your best, I have to say. I'm astounded by the way that you combined facts with humor in order to teach valuable lessons.

This is scary, but very educational stuff. It's important to be reminded.

Thank you for writing this, Tea.

In other news, I think you might've followed the prompt closer than anyone else this round... >>;

What a fabulous entry! A scary time in history for sure.

This really is a fantastic piece, Tea. I think it has some fantastic educational value. Really, really nicely done. This is seriously great.

Wholly off topic... I have some very, very serious with Straussian political theory. I see in your footnotes you mention that he's the primary architect of the modern Neocon movement... exactly right... which is where my issues stem from. lol... and well... I won't get on my soapbox here. lol...

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Really interesting entry!

I'm with lawchicky. It's crazy to think that this all -happened- and less than 100 years ago. That there are people alive now who were alive then. It's just ... bizarre, and terrifying. I read "history" books but it's so recent. And how? 20 -million- people.

I'm fascinated but so thankful I didn't have to live through it. My knowledge is confined to my studies and my horror is only distant, not personal. It's, again, crazy to know it was all so recent too. The world has progressed so much in that time -- someone like Hitler could never come to power now, or at least I damn well hope not.

The math examples really make me shudder. Talk about brainwashing.

This is hands down one of the best posts I've read ever. Really thought-provoking, educational, interesting, and scary. I love it.

Simply wonderful. The illustrations are perfectly pitched for the topic, and really demonstrate the rich and robust ability you bring to the table every week.