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Lj Idol Week 22: No Sight of Land


So there was this one day and Mr. Robot X-9000 and Mr. Monkey were in their boat going for a little ride and it was sunny and first they had cake for lunch and then more cake for dessert and it was like a picnic but it was on a boat and not at the park. They liked their boat! But Mr. Robot x-9000 he was afraid of the water.

This is because if you get the robots wet they go all sparky and then they die. So you should never get your robots wet or you will have to dry them out to make them work again. But Mr. Monkey thought this was the funniest so he was splashing water at Mr. Robot X-9000 but it wasn't funny!

"Hey stop that you monkey!" said Mr. Robot X-9000. "That is too much monkeying around for you!"

Mr. Monkey thought that was silly because he was a monkey and what do monkeys do besides monkeying around? I don't know. That is what monkeys are for. But he stopped because he was a nice monkey and he didn't want his friend to shoot sparks.

But then Officer Bill came with a duck! And he was flying!

"You are under Arrest!" said Officer Bill.

"Quack quack," said the duck.

"What for?" said Mr. Monkey. "I didn't do anything but monkeying around!

"You stole Mr. Quackers' boat!" said Officer Bill.

"Quack quack!" said Mr. Quackers. They were angry quacks.

"But he is a duck! And ducks are amphibians!" said Mr. Monkey. "Why does he need a boat."

So Mr. Robot X-9000 said they should fight. And he was powering up his battle lasers because he has super battle lasers with fire power and also ice power and he can cut things with them like steak and even diamonds.

And Officer Bill said OK and he shot his gun at Mr. Monkey but Mr. Monkey was too fast for him and he started to fly too!

"You can't catch me because I'm flying now!" said Mr. Monkey.

All of a sudden there was some thunder and lightning. That made Mr. Robot X-9000's alarms go off because thunderstorms are bad for robots.

"ALERT ALERT!" said Mr. Robot X-9000. "Must not get wet! Row to shore!"

But they couldn't row to shore because there was no shore. They were surrounded by cliffs and the cliffs were white and slippery and a million miles tall. Slippery like ice.

Also then the lightning hit Mr. Robot X-9000 right on the head! And there were sparks flying everywhere and his eyes turned to Xes instead of being lit up and his head went "BLZZZT!" and he powered down.

"Hey!" said Officer Bill. "Hey you Monkey! Now I have to arrest you for two things because you committed Grand Theft Rowboat and now also robotslaughter! You will go to jail for a thousand hundred years for that!"

But then they found out it wasn't a storm, it was Giant Pikachu who was sitting on a cloud and he was saying "Pikachu!" because that is what Pikachus say is two things: Pika and also chu.

Giant Pikachu was going to throw lightning at them but then Mommy said "Evan it is time to get out of the bath! Your fingers are all pruny and it is bedtime!"

So I had to get out of the bath and unplug the drain and when I did they all went WHOOSH! because there was a whirlpool in the bathtub the end.

I like when there are whirlpools.

By Evan

Author's Note

After writing a serious, academically-toned essay last week, I decided to take the opposite approach for this one and do the silliest thing I could think of.

The entire comic is colored with genuine Crayola crayons and inked with a black magic marker as opposed to my usual professional-grade art pens.

This post was written for therealljidol Week 22: No Sight of Land.
Tags: comics, lj idol
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