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Here, take my card!
cap, captain miss america

Look, everybody! I got business cards! Official ones from work!

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.


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Very professional! Though I am slightly disappointed by the lack of almost-hedgehogs.

I am sorry! It has a dude riding a pegasus?

(Deleted comment)
Well, it has a dude riding a pegasus? That's sort of like a cartoon!

I'm always worried when they give me cards. :)

I ran a very exciting streak for a while of getting laid off right before I was set to receive my cards. This time that is very unlikely to happen.

Now I can offer a choice of business cards!

Yays! :D I love getting business cards. So much fun. I got them for BlastBeat and I'll be getting them for the SU. Yays, I say!

Woo! They are fun; it makes me feel all kickass and professional.

Yay! I'm tempted to twit pic me holding my card so that we can "exchange" cards.

Seriously, getting a business card is totally the best!

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