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Great news!
cap, captain miss america

Guys, the Donors Choose project that I chose to raise money for is $61 to completion! I raised close to $200 in my raffle and shortly after I donated, someone donated $500!

I know folks can close up the last $61 this project needs to become a reality. This is for a New York City school that is trying to raise money to get copies of Understanding Comics and Making Comics by Scott McCloud to teach an elective on reading and writing comics.

ETA: [info]talonkarrde88 donated the last $61 and the project is fully funded! Kick ass!

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Nah, I'm just glad to be able to help in some small way. Understanding Comics is definitely one of my most cherished books, and so being able to help others read and learn from it? A privilege.

One, I am so glad that the raffle was such a success! And Two, Sean is awesome for making such a generous donation!

Wow, hugely awesome!! XD

I hope someday college will pay off and I can afford to donate MONIES again... >>;

Good for you! And I'm glad (I hope) the art helped out somewhat. Are you going to do am entry on MoCA? I'd love to hear more!

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