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MoCCA Review and stuff for sale!

Last weekend, as most of you know, I had a table at MoCCA, which I shared with [info]sewertalk. It was super fun!

[info]cacophonesque helped me out and she was awesome. Lots of people came by my table including [info]systris whom I met on the internets when I was seventeen years old! Thank you to everybody who dropped by and even more thank you to everyone who bought something.

We went to Drink & Draw Like a Lady on Friday night, which was super fun as well, and spent a lot of time talking to [info]beatonna and her awesome sister! We talked to a bunch of other super cool ladies too and [info]spiralstairs showed up and then Kate and I went out afterward to get donut ice cream sandwiches. Remember those?! Ahahaha. It is kind of cool because there are so many nice lady cartoonists whom I only see once a year and it was great to catch up with them all. And meet new people, yay!

Saturday and Sunday, I had my table and didn’t get to leave it much. I made a point of leaving for about an hour on Saturday to say hi to some friends but I didn’t catch everyone I wanted to see! But lots of people came by. And I sold enough stuff to make back the cost of the table, which is impressive. I even sold a hat, which I was not expecting since it was warm out! All in all it was a lot of fun and I think I will do it again next year.

[info]ldragoon asked me to post up my MoCCA minis so she could purchase them. I hope maybe some other people would like to, as well!

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