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MoCCA Review and stuff for sale!
cap, captain miss america

Last weekend, as most of you know, I had a table at MoCCA, which I shared with [info]sewertalk. It was super fun!

[info]cacophonesque helped me out and she was awesome. Lots of people came by my table including [info]systris whom I met on the internets when I was seventeen years old! Thank you to everybody who dropped by and even more thank you to everyone who bought something.

We went to Drink & Draw Like a Lady on Friday night, which was super fun as well, and spent a lot of time talking to [info]beatonna and her awesome sister! We talked to a bunch of other super cool ladies too and [info]spiralstairs showed up and then Kate and I went out afterward to get donut ice cream sandwiches. Remember those?! Ahahaha. It is kind of cool because there are so many nice lady cartoonists whom I only see once a year and it was great to catch up with them all. And meet new people, yay!

Saturday and Sunday, I had my table and didn’t get to leave it much. I made a point of leaving for about an hour on Saturday to say hi to some friends but I didn’t catch everyone I wanted to see! But lots of people came by. And I sold enough stuff to make back the cost of the table, which is impressive. I even sold a hat, which I was not expecting since it was warm out! All in all it was a lot of fun and I think I will do it again next year.

[info]ldragoon asked me to post up my MoCCA minis so she could purchase them. I hope maybe some other people would like to, as well!

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ok I am going to buy something or more than one somethings, here's the thing I don't know what any of them are.

If i asked you which one my 3 year old would like to look at, or think is funny, so no cursing or sexy talk, which would it be?

If i asked you which one you like the best, or you are most proud of, or something along those lines, which would it be?

I'm rather curious about Pie grows in brooklyn, tell me something about it...

1) I think The Bird and the Girl one would be best for a small child. It has no words and is about a young girl. Most of the other ones have swearing in them.

2) The one I'm most proud of is the Pie comic. I just did a lot more work making it clean and perfect than I've done with anything else.

Oh! And the Pie comic is all drawn in very cutesy pictures, with a cute cartoon pie who runs away after being left on the windowsill. It plays with traditional jokes and cliches a bit.

Edited at 2010-04-18 03:55 pm (UTC)

That sounds awesome! Also, you are really adorable, you know that?!

Aww thank you! I like to cultivate an aura of adorability!

Hey, there's my stuff! :"D Thanks for making it so prominent and handing out cards for me. I'm glad that the raffle helped get Understanding Comics out to some folks. The interesting connection here is that, not only is Scott a friend, my name is in the acknowledgements of the book! (Only because Scott was being overly kind.) Glad you had fun!

Oh you're welcome! Thank you for helping to make it happen. Your friend actually offered to buy the Harlon pic off me for $50 so that raised a huge amount of the raffle proceeds, and the Tamino pic went very early in the raffle (people got to take first choice of prizes). And the Fite one went well before half the other prizes.

Haha I didn't know your name was in the book! I will have to go look at it now!

Look how cute you guys are, omg.

Glad you had funtimes! :]

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