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American Gin!

Yesterday, I was going through my liquor cabinet, and I decided to sort my gin by region, when I discovered that out of 15 different gins (not counting my saved-for-special-occasion bottle of Tanqueray Malacca), 9 of them are from the United States.

So my mother and I had an impromptu little gin tasting. Here are all our gins arranged geographically!

The gins in question are:
Greylock , from Berkshire Mountain Distillers, Great Barrington, MA
Gale Force, from Triple 8 Distillers, Nantucket, MA
Seneca Drums, from Finger Lakes Distillers, Burdett, NY
Bluecoat American Dry, from Philadelphia Distilling, Philadelphia, PA
Jin, from Dogfish Head Brewers, Rehoboth, DE
Death’s Door, from Death’s Door Spirirs, Washington Island, WI
Desert Juniper, from Bendistillery, Bend, OR
Rogue Spruce, from Rogue Ales, Newport, OR
DH Krahn, from DH Krahn Spirits, Mountain View, CA

My mother and I tasted 1/4 oz tastings of each gin in the order listed above. Here are our findings!

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