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Giveaway time!
cap, captain miss america
So I am cleaning out my closets! Does anyone on my flist have a need/use for gently used women's clothing in sizes 4-8 or Small-Medium? I will fill as many medium sized priority boxes as I can, just post your address and specify if you have a size/type of clothing/color request and I'll send stuff to the first people who ask. Probably next week.

Oh, and anyone who is not my size, I have some purses as well and shoes size 8-9.

ETA since a couple people have asked: if you can pay shipping, great; if not, don't sweat it, just let me know. I don't expect anyone to pay me for the clothes themselves!
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I would be happy to receive any small/medium tops you think I would like! chiefly tops that would look cute with short skirts. I wear cool colors, lots of black/purple/green.... I won't wear red/yellow/orange or neutrals though. Except dark brown, I like dark brown. :3


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Got it, putting stuff aside in a Brenna Pile!

(Deleted comment)
This is all stuff I'd be taking to SA but I like to see if my friends want stuff first, so no charge for anything, but if you want to chip in postage it would be greatly appreciated- I think it's $10-something for a priority box?

You were looking for skirts, right? I actually have a mid-calf length dark blue denim skirt here, size six-- The other ones I have here are all size 4s (which is why I am getting rid of them). I've got white-with-navy cotton pinstripe sailor-style pants in a size 6, a green cotton 3/4 sleeve argyle sweater (m), a cream-colored boat neck ribbed cotton sweater that is kind of retro-y (s), a dark red 3/4 modal square neck shirt with a sort of deco-lace bit across the front neckline, a pair of stonewashed jeans (8) that my mom gave me but the waist is too high for me, a white cotton lacy bathrobe that I got for Christmas a few years ago and literally has just hung on the hook (m), and a bunch more t-shirts and such in various sizes/colors.

Oh, also a beige sort of cardigan-jacket cross breed made out of cotton sweatshirt material (m)

I'll check the skirt situation at my mom's, I had more stuff there that I sorted out last week, but I don't remember if there were any skirts in that.

Edited at 2010-04-24 01:37 am (UTC)

Checked the stuff here at my mom's, there aren't any skirts in the pile but there is a pretty nice pair of size 6 dark brown capri-length pants.

I'm tall with size 12 foot but purses would be great! The lining in mine is broken and the straps are fraying.

I really appreciate the offer.

Got it, will set aside a purse for you!

oh and I can send you some money for postage!

That would be excellent. I can send you some tops. Do you like sandals? I have a pair of black sandals. They're black flat flip-flops, but they're leather and a bit dressy for flip flops.

Hey, are you still interested in shoes/tops? Let me know!

This post reminded me of the last thing you sent me! Are you still doing that card project? I put it in a drawer and and then totally forgot about it! D'Oh!

Hahaha, it's okay, I got too caught up doing other stuff. You can keep it!

Alright! Do you mind if I ask what the whole thing was gonna be about?

It wasn't really "about" anything. Everyone gave me a quote, I wrote it on a card with a picture and mailed it to someone else!

Hmm, I'm usually a M/6/8, depending on brand and whatnot, so I'm interested! What kind of stuff do you have? My style tends to be a little bit retro-inspired -- I love cute dresses, knee-length skirts, cardigans, and anything with a fitted waistline. Blues, greens, and purples are my favorites. Anything that might fit that bill?

Look at the list of stuff I posted to karnythia, that's most of the stand-out stuff that's bigger than a 4. I do have some more up at my parents' though so I will check through that, too.

Oh! I have this one buttondown shirt dress-- white with pink & blue stripes. It's an H&M 10 which is more like a 6. Pretty casual. I missed it the first time.

Oh, that's what I get for not scrolling down to read the comments! D'oh. The green sweater and H&M buttondown shirt both sound like stuff I'd like. And since I have a ton of H&M stuff, I know a 10 usually fits me.

Okay! I'll set those aside for you.

Dude! Always!

Um. I wear a 6-8 and mostly dresses/skirts... but my roomie is a 4 and always looking for stuff too. Basically I would say if you have stuff left over that no one else is taking you could ship it our way. XD Eryn is like a 2-4 XS/S and I'm mostly a 6-8 S/M so we overlap a little and share some things but mostly if it doesn't fit me, she can wear it and visa versa.

Okay, I can do this, especially since no one has claimed any of the size 4 stuff.

(Deleted comment)
I can do this! I would guess you're probably an American 10-12 but I definitely have some tops I can send you! Um, in fact there is one I am definitely sending you.

This is just my usual empty-out-the closet thing. I send all my stuff to Salvation Army but I like to check and see if there's anything that I can hand down to friends, first. I do this probably every other year or so but this is the first time I have ever gotten this much interest!

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