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Giveaway time!
cap, captain miss america
So I am cleaning out my closets! Does anyone on my flist have a need/use for gently used women's clothing in sizes 4-8 or Small-Medium? I will fill as many medium sized priority boxes as I can, just post your address and specify if you have a size/type of clothing/color request and I'll send stuff to the first people who ask. Probably next week.

Oh, and anyone who is not my size, I have some purses as well and shoes size 8-9.

ETA since a couple people have asked: if you can pay shipping, great; if not, don't sweat it, just let me know. I don't expect anyone to pay me for the clothes themselves!
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I would be happy to receive any small/medium tops you think I would like! chiefly tops that would look cute with short skirts. I wear cool colors, lots of black/purple/green.... I won't wear red/yellow/orange or neutrals though. Except dark brown, I like dark brown. :3


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Got it, putting stuff aside in a Brenna Pile!

I'm somewhere between a 6 & an 8 and this is shaping up to be an ugly clothing year so I'm interested. What do you have and how much will it cost?

This is all stuff I'd be taking to SA but I like to see if my friends want stuff first, so no charge for anything, but if you want to chip in postage it would be greatly appreciated- I think it's $10-something for a priority box?

You were looking for skirts, right? I actually have a mid-calf length dark blue denim skirt here, size six-- The other ones I have here are all size 4s (which is why I am getting rid of them). I've got white-with-navy cotton pinstripe sailor-style pants in a size 6, a green cotton 3/4 sleeve argyle sweater (m), a cream-colored boat neck ribbed cotton sweater that is kind of retro-y (s), a dark red 3/4 modal square neck shirt with a sort of deco-lace bit across the front neckline, a pair of stonewashed jeans (8) that my mom gave me but the waist is too high for me, a white cotton lacy bathrobe that I got for Christmas a few years ago and literally has just hung on the hook (m), and a bunch more t-shirts and such in various sizes/colors.

Oh, also a beige sort of cardigan-jacket cross breed made out of cotton sweatshirt material (m)

I'll check the skirt situation at my mom's, I had more stuff there that I sorted out last week, but I don't remember if there were any skirts in that.

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Checked the stuff here at my mom's, there aren't any skirts in the pile but there is a pretty nice pair of size 6 dark brown capri-length pants.

I'm tall with size 12 foot but purses would be great! The lining in mine is broken and the straps are fraying.

I really appreciate the offer.

Got it, will set aside a purse for you!

oh and I can send you some money for postage!

That would be excellent. I can send you some tops. Do you like sandals? I have a pair of black sandals. They're black flat flip-flops, but they're leather and a bit dressy for flip flops.

Hey, are you still interested in shoes/tops? Let me know!

This post reminded me of the last thing you sent me! Are you still doing that card project? I put it in a drawer and and then totally forgot about it! D'Oh!

Hahaha, it's okay, I got too caught up doing other stuff. You can keep it!

Alright! Do you mind if I ask what the whole thing was gonna be about?

It wasn't really "about" anything. Everyone gave me a quote, I wrote it on a card with a picture and mailed it to someone else!

Hmm, I'm usually a M/6/8, depending on brand and whatnot, so I'm interested! What kind of stuff do you have? My style tends to be a little bit retro-inspired -- I love cute dresses, knee-length skirts, cardigans, and anything with a fitted waistline. Blues, greens, and purples are my favorites. Anything that might fit that bill?

Look at the list of stuff I posted to karnythia, that's most of the stand-out stuff that's bigger than a 4. I do have some more up at my parents' though so I will check through that, too.

Oh! I have this one buttondown shirt dress-- white with pink & blue stripes. It's an H&M 10 which is more like a 6. Pretty casual. I missed it the first time.

Oh, that's what I get for not scrolling down to read the comments! D'oh. The green sweater and H&M buttondown shirt both sound like stuff I'd like. And since I have a ton of H&M stuff, I know a 10 usually fits me.

Okay! I'll set those aside for you.

Dude! Always!

Um. I wear a 6-8 and mostly dresses/skirts... but my roomie is a 4 and always looking for stuff too. Basically I would say if you have stuff left over that no one else is taking you could ship it our way. XD Eryn is like a 2-4 XS/S and I'm mostly a 6-8 S/M so we overlap a little and share some things but mostly if it doesn't fit me, she can wear it and visa versa.

Okay, I can do this, especially since no one has claimed any of the size 4 stuff.

(Deleted comment)
I can do this! I would guess you're probably an American 10-12 but I definitely have some tops I can send you! Um, in fact there is one I am definitely sending you.

This is just my usual empty-out-the closet thing. I send all my stuff to Salvation Army but I like to check and see if there's anything that I can hand down to friends, first. I do this probably every other year or so but this is the first time I have ever gotten this much interest!

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