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i didn't have a bad day at work today. i am a little behind on my work but i know the basic direction i am taking most of it in, and that is good.

and i have a weekend to write! yee!

of course, i am getting into unknown territory again. i'm not sure i know what happens between this plot point and the next. i don't know how exactly fredje reacts to what she has to do. and i'm just not sure about what i should be writing. it's okay, it's just frustrating because i have the time to wirte and it is going slowly. so far tonight i have only written three and a half pages.

i need to read the three musketeers. i haven't read it in a really long time.

i also am having this little trouble with facial expressions. all these characters have, you know, personal expressions and ticks and so forth, and i don't want to make them stray too far from a certain set, it would make their characters all over the place, but i also don't want their exchanges to feel redundant.

Tags: writing, writing:fredje
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