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I don't want to spoil anyone
cap, captain miss america
But that last episode of LOST-- or about five minutes of screentime toward the end (and if you saw it, you know what I'm talking about) was enough to make me extremely angry at the creative team behind a show I have watched since its inception.

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I am not shocked, but I'm incredibly angry. God forbid this show be about anything but the white men.

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That's why I didn't say anything explicit. Just don't read the other comments to this post.

I think a lot of people are shocked right now but when the dust settles I hope more see what upset you about the conclusion of that episode and the picture it paints for the finale.

Yeah. I'm not entirely surprised, but I'm not interested in watching another Straight White Man story. I was angry enough that they killed Juliet, but that made sense with Elizabeth Mitchell moving to another show, at least.

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What bothered me was the fact that they jut killed every major character who wasn't white in one fell swoop, and that their death were mainly used as plot devices to help the white characters, which happens way too often in film & television already (and LOST has done this before in ways that bother me). And they killed the only major female character left who has ever had any personal agency and wasn't just a literary device for creating friction among the men (or crazy, in the case of Claire, which is ALSO something that happens to female characters way too often. For me, it wasn't sad at all because it was so predictable and formulaic in ways that I kind of wish a show like LOST could get past.

/Film said the finale's going to be extended another half hour into tomorrow. Perhaps?

So we can watch the white dudes who are the only characters still alive be white dudes for another half hour?

I'm not a Lostie. But Jesus wept, what the fuck was that shit?!

I have no idea. We had Woman Shot as Plot Device To Get White Guy In Place For More Plot, Middle Eastern Guy Goes Out Telling White Dude His Life Is More Important, followed by Woman In Refrigerator As Plot Device to Kill Her Husband.

I was upset enough about this, and I forgot to do my critical media racial analysis on it -- and now that I've read yours, I'm even more upset.

Yeah, I wasn't upset by the actual plot. I was upset by the mechanics of how they arrived at that plot in terms of which characters were thrown away as plot devices vs. which were kept alive and how.

I'm not even a LOST fan, but what happened to those three characters is still about 50 different flavors of stupid.

Yeah, part is me is still boggled that no one on their creative team looked at that script and was like "uh, guys?"

... I'm more annoyed by the fact that Sun just faffed off back to the island and left her daughter behind.

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