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Special Bonus Comic: My Much Better Lady Gaga Comic Pt 1
cap, captain miss america

So by now I am sure most of you have seen the Horrible Lady Gaga Comic with the hideous cover that looks like they just taught someone about vector art or maybe Photoshop filters, and the even worse art inside that defies every anatomical rule possible (and not in a fun way!)

So, you know, I was looking at it and in spite of all my people looking like blobs of play-doh, I said, hey! I can do that! So here it is: Lady Gaga Origins Pt 1.

My Much Better Lady Gaga Comic Pt 1

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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you had me at 'roma-ma.' the jeweled egg was just icing after that.

... though i'm not sure if all that goodwill can make up for linking to that post. oh good gravy. o_O

It is for reference purposes only!

(Deleted comment)
I know. I want to know how the fuck that art got approved by any kind of commercial company when there are hundreds of really talented cartoonists who would have had a ball with that idea.

I am not sure I can do 75 but a few?

I was really disappointed that I could not get a Lady`Gaga comic. Until I saw it.

Yep. This is definitely MUCH better.

Play doh rules.

I do like Play doh. Also anthropomorphized birds and bears and stuff.

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