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cap, captain miss america

I got a new haircut today.

A few people have asked me lately about the whole shampoo-free thing. So, just so you know, yes, I am still doing it, and I have used commercial shampoo exactly twice in the past almost-year: once when I got some icky goo in my hair, and another time when I wanted to put henna in it and needed to shampoo it first.

Instead, I’ve been washing my hair with honey once a week, or a mixture of honey and vinegar if it’s really dirty) conditioning it every day with silicone-free conditioner (Trader Joe’s has really cheap silicone-free conditioner, btw), combing a little oil into it (castor oil, jojoba oil and vegetable glycerine).

I have literally not had a bad hair day since I’ve started doing this, with the exception of October in Louisiana, when it didn’t matter how much conditioner or oil I put in my hair, because my hair wanted to look like this and there was just no convincing it otherwise.

Anyway, today I got the first haircut I’ve had since November, 2008.





I don’t know if people can tell that it’s any different! It looked much, much more different in the salon but the weather on the way home was so blustery that by the time I got in, it looked more like this again. So I put a little shea butter and oil in it and there you go.

It looks pretty!

I got a haircut last week, because we are in full-summer here and that means even my hair cannot deal with being more than a few inches long.

Thank you!

When are you coming back to the frozen north?

Yeah, hair tends to do that in Louisiana. Even in northeastern Louisiana, where I live, it's hotter than hell and more humid than . . . well, I don't know, but my barely-wavy hair looks fuzzy here; I can't imagine what yours would do!

Anyway, your haircut looks good! :D

Mine looked kind of amazing, actually. Kind of amazing and like Fizzgig.

The cut really lifts you. I like.

My husband doesn't wash his hair with shampoo either. He only uses conditioner and on the rare occasion he does wash it, he regrets it the moment it's dry. I know quite a few kiwis who don't wash their hair in fact, particularly those whose hair is naturally curly to some extent.

Yeah, my hair is a lot lighter and doesn't just hang down like this! I will take pics again in the morning once I've had a proper shower, too.

After going this long without shampoo or most other hair products, I've got to say it's the best beauty choice I've ever made. Now I can tell what a major effect using hair products had on my hair.

I like the cut! And again, you are so cute!

I've been cutting back on my shampoo days. I did no-poo a long, long time ago, but there was a point where my hair wasn't thriving with it and I got fed up. Of course, I also have very straight, very dry hair that I kill with dye.

Thank you and thank you!

Yeah, I don't know if it's for everyone, but it's been such an improvement for me.

The only thing I would have loved more about this post would have been if you managed to sneak in another link or two to your...alternative hair picture. Made me laugh.

I like the cut, and admire your shampoo free routine. Is it more time consuming that the shampoo/condition routine?

Oh, gosh, no, much LESS time consuming, actually. I use absolutely no styling products and don't do anything to my hair in the morning apart from putting some oil in it and tying it up in a tee shirt for ten minutes while I get dressed/check email.

If you want to learn more about it, you can check this.

I your spirally hair! So pretty!

I just wanted to tell you that you look great in those pictures :)

(Deleted comment)
Well, I did get an expensive cut. But I think it's worth shelling out money for a good cut when I only get it cut every year or so. And the lady at the salon said that was fine, coming in once or twice a year is a-okay, which is the first time that's happened. Usually they encourage you to come in like every six weeks.

And yeah, my hair is so much healthier and softer and always looks good now that I've stopped using products. I let her put product in my hair today and it already feels icky to me. I'll wash it out tomorrow morning!

And gosh you are probably adorable with bed hair. I would read this blog.

You (and your hair) look super, and you make me want to try this shampoo-free routine.

It is pretty awesome. They say it works better on curly hair than on straight-- straight hair can get greasy, but I think you just don't need the oil or as much conditioner. Or you can look for shampoos with no sulfates in them, if you try it and it gets too greasy. I have a few posts about it in my blog if you go through the tags.

That looks really nice! I can tell that your cut has a better shape to it and is trying to work with the curl. Then again if you haven't gotten your hair cut in almost 2 years pretty much any shape you might have had before has gone kaput.

Yeah,I essentially didn't HAVE a haircut, just hair. But I'm going to the Reubens in a couple weeks (like the Oscars of comic strips) and I figured I need to look like a grown-up for that.

(Deleted comment)
I'm so jealous!! I have curly hair, but it's very fine, so I have found very few things I can use to style it without it turning into one giant unsexy matted clump.

How much honey do you use to wash your hair? Does it take long to rinse? I've never heard of someone doing that!

ETA: And of course, it looks awesome!

Edited at 2010-05-19 04:52 am (UTC)

My hair is really fine, too. It's just that I think mine forms tighter curls than yours, I think, from pics I've seen. But when I wake up in the morning, my hair is a big Brill-o pad, too.

I use honey the same way I used to use shampoo. Palm-sized blob, applied to roots, massage in, rinse. It dissolves very quickly once it hits water and doesn't take that long to get out. You just want to make sure you get all of it so your hair isn't sticky, but as much as I read that warning the first time I tried it, I've never had sticky hair. If I think I need more, I add more. I do that about once a week.

Then I add conditioner. I just check the label to make sure there aren't any silicones in it (you can find lists online for this by searching "silicone-free conditioner"). I comb through and sometimes use a hell of a lot of conditioner. I only rinse it out to get the excess out of my hair, and sometimes I add more. Then I put a quarter-sized drop of oil in my palm, rub my palms together, and run the oil through my hair at the front and top of my head. If the ends look dry, I'll put a little on the ends, but I find sometimes it leaves spots on my clothes. Then I wrap my whole head in a men's XXL cotton tee shirt with my hair piled on top of my head. (not a towel, terrycloth bits get between hair strands and separate them so they can frizz). Then I get dressed, do morning stuff, and undo the tee-shirt last minute before walking out the door. No styling.

(Deleted comment)
Money well spent, looks good, tea! I think the "after" look is pretty good, too.

Do you ever wear your hair in a French braid? It's a cool style, and you might like how your hair looks after you unbraid it. Especially if you braid it after applying moisturiser to your hair.


And no, I hate the way my hair looks when I take it out of braids. It just frizzes and loses all the curl definition. I don't ever wear my hair up unless I absolutely have to. I got into a bad habit of putting it up out of laziness and when I went back to work in 2006, which was the first time I had hair long enough to put up in a while, I made a rule that I would not put my hair up more than twice a week. Then I dropped it to once a week. Currently, I haven't put my hair up at the job I have now ever.