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I got a new haircut today.

A few people have asked me lately about the whole shampoo-free thing. So, just so you know, yes, I am still doing it, and I have used commercial shampoo exactly twice in the past almost-year: once when I got some icky goo in my hair, and another time when I wanted to put henna in it and needed to shampoo it first.

Instead, I’ve been washing my hair with honey once a week, or a mixture of honey and vinegar if it’s really dirty) conditioning it every day with silicone-free conditioner (Trader Joe’s has really cheap silicone-free conditioner, btw), combing a little oil into it (castor oil, jojoba oil and vegetable glycerine).

I have literally not had a bad hair day since I’ve started doing this, with the exception of October in Louisiana, when it didn’t matter how much conditioner or oil I put in my hair, because my hair wanted to look like this and there was just no convincing it otherwise.

Anyway, today I got the first haircut I’ve had since November, 2008.





I don’t know if people can tell that it’s any different! It looked much, much more different in the salon but the weather on the way home was so blustery that by the time I got in, it looked more like this again. So I put a little shea butter and oil in it and there you go.

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