tea berry-blue (teaberryblue) wrote,
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LJ Idol Week 27: Sometimes Why

A Parent's Garden of Reasons
Or, Why, in 26 Letters.

This entry is dedicated to all the parents reading who spent your lives answering the world's most important questions.


--Because the ants live in that hole.
--Because books don't go in the bathtub.
--Because crayon doesn't come off the walls.
--Because dogs don't marry people. They only marry other dogs.
--Because when we eat, our bodies save up the good food and throw away the yucky parts.
--Because fingers don't like it up there.
--Because Goldilocks stole all their porridge.
--Because that's where hamburgers come from.
--Because itching at it will only make it hurt more.
--Because I have to do my job now.
--Because we only kiss people we already know.
--Because lightbulbs only light up when they're in the lamp.
--Because men mostly don't wear brassieres.
--Because if you nap now, you can stay up later.
--Because Mr. Toad would rather be outdoors.
--Because we have to pay before we leave the store.
--Because I don't actually know the answer to that question.
--Because roaring is for lions and not the shoe store.
--Because we are not naming your new sister " Stupidpants."
--Because there are teeny, tiny men inside the TV acting out all the shows.
--Because we always wear underpants when we leave the house.
--Because the vacuum is not a racecar.
--Because you already had two glasses of water.
--Because we can't call Grandma on a xylophone.
--Because I love you.
--And there is zero that will change that.

This entry was written for therealljidol Week 27: Sometimes Why.
Tags: comics, lj idol
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